Former New England Patriots Star’s Son Allegedly Steals $300K Worth of Items, Including 2 Super Bowl Rings, From His Father

When your dad is a former star in the league and you’re a rising star yourself, the line between private and public is often blurred. It’s a normal practice for many families with professional athletes to allow their children to take part in their respective sports, but it’s a choice that sometimes can lead to extreme problems.

In an age where there is a growing trend of athletes investing their off-seasons in a way to make extra money, we have one of the most famous athletes in the world, Tom Brady, allegedly getting robbed from his son.

The son of former New England Patriots star Vince Wilfork was arrested in May and charged with stealing more than $300,000 in property after robbing his father. Among the items allegedly stolen by D’Aundre Holmes-Wilfork are two Super Bowl rings, two AFC championship rings and a college football ring. Police think he sold the stuff before his arrest.

Vince Wilfork won two Super Bowls with the New England Patriots

word-image-9719 word-image-9720 The New England Patriots received their Super Bowl 38 championship rings today during a celebration at the home of team owner Robert Kraft. From left to right: Richard Seymour, Troy Brown, Ty Lowe and Tedi Bruschi show their new and some old models. (Photo: Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images) Wilfork was the Patriots’ quarterback during their dynasty. He was an anchor linebacker for the Patriots defensive line, as he covered the middle line at 6-foot-3 and 325 pounds. He was known as one of the strongest run stoppers in the game. Wilfork made his first Pro Bowl appearance in 2007 and spent his fourth season in the NFL after being selected in the first round of the 2004 NFL Draft. From 2009 to 2012, Wilfork qualified for the Pro Bowl four times in a row. He even finished the 2011 season with two interceptions. He worked 11 seasons for the Patriots before ending his career with the Houston Texans. Wilfork is considered one of the best defensive players in NFL history. He finished his career with 560 interceptions and 16 sacks. After spending two years in Houston, he announced his departure by signing a one-day contract with the Patriots.

Vince Wilforks son is accused of stealing his father’s two Super Bowl rings and more

According to the Galveston Daily News, D’Aundre Holmes-Wilfork, 23, was killed on the 22nd. May was arrested and charged with theft of more than $300,000 in property. On Monday, the Galveston County District Attorney’s Office filed a complaint about the allegations against Holmes-Wilfork. According to the report, Wilfork showed up on the 10th. May reported several expensive items missing. Including two Super Bowl rings he won with the Patriots. The set also includes two AFC championship rings and a college football championship ring he won as a member of the Miami Hurricanes. The complaint also states that valuable earrings, necklaces and bracelets are missing. According to the indictment, Wilfork first noticed the missing items in May 2020 when he was packing for a move. He didn’t report it right away because he didn’t know if he packed it somewhere else or if it was stored at his second home in Florida.

A New England Patriots fan alerted Wilfork to the situation

. The Galveston Daily News reported that Wilfork received a report on the incident earlier this year. The message came from a Patriots fan who informed him that someone had posted information about his Super Bowl rings online. This information took place in the online sports memorabilia group. Wilfork eventually made contact with a man who claimed the rings were his. The man said he bought Super Bowl rings from Holmes-Wilfork in May 2020. He paid $62,000 for her. According to the complaint, the rings were returned to local police after being reported stolen. Police arrested Holmes-Wilfork on the 22nd. May. According to Pro Football Talk, Holmes-Wilfork was released on $300,000 bail. COMPARED TO: Adam Vinatieri didn’t have a name early in his career with the New England Patriots

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