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The cyberpunk genre has recently seen a revival as we get closer to our own real-life metaverse. For a population that is unstoppably heading in that direction, the dystopian issues of always-online cybernetics and intrusive advertising seem to be close to home.

I like a good cyberpunk environment, and Foreclosed delivers on that front, but its virtues stop there. Foreclosed is a short game that manages to outstay its welcome due to severe faults in both its narrative and gameplay.

There are glimpses of something very amazing here, but they’re ruined by weak mechanics, bad design, and clumsy voicework.

Cyberflunk: A Foreclosed Review

The amazing comic book delivery at Foreclosed drew my attention. While many games are cel-shaded to resemble a comic, Foreclosed goes all out with this type of presentation.

The majority of the game is played in third-person and over the shoulder, but the camera often switches to various perspectives, such as top-down, isometric, and first-person, breaking out into panels and captioning scenes with speech bubbles similar to any comic you’ve seen before.

Foreclosed is a triumph in this respect. The environment is bright yet gloomy, as any cyberpunk metropolis should be, and the gaming world feeds on oppression, with the rich-poor gap at an all-time high. By telling a future Max Payne-esque narrative, Foreclosed attempts to capitalize on these welcome but familiar genre clichés, but it never quite strikes the point.


It’s a result of the game’s shoddy script and voice acting. The protagonist has a voice that sounds like a Trey Parker (South Park) spoof, but he’s intended to be taken seriously as he struggles to regain his identity in a world where people are controlled by businesses. To put it another way, it’s difficult to get into the supposed gritty narrative when he sounds so… wrong. Worse, with a few instances, the minor characters seem largely disinterested.

To be honest, since the protagonist Evan Kapnos narrates his every action like a neo-noir film, a lot of what he says comes off as cheesy. Some of the words that come out of his lips seem like Sin Metropolis on the Disney Channel as he tries to wax lyrical about his crazy sci-fi city. 

If Foreclosed had been an adventure game, it would have had the same issues, but it would have been more acceptable since it would have avoided the game’s shoddy gunplay mechanics, which make it almost unplayable at points.

Throughout the game, aiming down your sight feels awkward, and no cybernetic improvements you acquire throughout the game’s four-hour narrative help this. Some improvements, such as bullets that explode on contact, seem to have no effect, as taking down opponents constantly requires a large amount of rounds. 


Enemies, on the other hand, are both foolish and dangerous at the same time. They don’t move much, and although you can sneak up on them and take them down quietly, if your cover is broken, their amazing aim will put you down quickly.

When three or more attackers are after you, even staying under cover may seem like a trap, and Foreclosed turns into a shooting gallery where the targets can fire back with pinpoint accuracy and you can’t aim at all. Putting so much emphasis on gunplay in the game leads to a lot of dissatisfaction.

Some upgrades, such as telekinesis and energy shields, could’ve given the game a Control-like feel, but even when I lowered my expectations for team and project size, these mid-game unlockables didn’t seem to make much of a difference.

Because Foreclosed is so short, it seems essential to locate the primary collectable, which offers massive XP bounties. You’ll spend a few minutes after each shootout uncomfortably jogging around the perimeter of a place since they’re concealed behind walls and only exposed when you’re extremely near by. It throws off the pace in what could’ve been a tight, John Wick-style setpiece runway with a few tweaks.

The Bottom Line of the Foreclosed Review



  • It’s really nice to do anything in the manner of a comic book.


  • Shooting techniques that aren’t up to par
  • AI enemies who aren’t alive
  • XP hunts that go against the flow
  • Voice acting is terrible.

Simply stated, Foreclosed is a game that is sometimes broken but always faulty. I’d want to see this presentation used on another project, perhaps by this team. I simply can’t suggest Foreclosed for anything other than its comic book appearance in current condition and with these design choices.

While we’re in the middle of a cyberpunk renaissance that may one day overtake zombies as the most popular subgenre, I believe there are many better choices for lovers of this setting and narrative. 

Foreclosed impresses with its aesthetic flare for a short moment before launching into a never-ending onslaught of problems that affect almost every element of the game. It’s not buggy, but certain flawed mechanisms and language steeped in juvenile metaphors make it seem like it’s broken.

[Note: Foreclosed was given by Merge Games for this review.]

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