Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach All Endings Guide

FNAF is a game that has been around since 2014. It’s horror-themed, and your goal is to survive five nights in the haunted house of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. This guide will help you finish up all the endings for Five Nights at Freddy’s!

The “fnaf security breach all endings” is a guide that includes information about the endings of Five Nights at Freddy’s. This allows users to know which ending they should go for.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach All Endings Guide

There are five other endings in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, in addition to the game’s genuine conclusion. Players may choose to complete the game in one of these methods, or simply obtain all of them by saving at the appropriate moment.

This guide will walk you through all of the procedures required to complete all of the endings in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. Some endings are really simple but do not serve the whole plot effectively, while the finest endings are frequently the most difficult.

All of the FNaF Security Breach’s Endings

Ending 1 of the FNaF Security Breach

Follow these methods if you want to finish the game as fast as possible without taking on any more responsibilities:

  1. After you’ve defeated Roxanne Wolf, give Freddy Roxy’s Eyes.
  2. Return to Mega Pizzaplex’s main stage from Parts and Services.
  3. Approach the elevators and introduce yourself to Vanessa.
  4. Leave Pizzaplex and get away from her around 6 a.m. to talk with Freddy.
  5. When he asks whether you want to remain, choose “LEAVE.”

A cutscene will play after that, showing Gregory sleeping on the street. It isn’t the finest or most satisfying conclusion to the game, but it is the most straightforward.

Ending 2 of the FNaF Security Breach

This finale is more upbeat than the last one, and it’s also not too tough. To get it, follow these steps:

  1. Steps 1-4 from the previous part should be repeated.
  2. When Freddy asks whether you want to remain, choose “STAY.”
  3. Go to the Loading Docks to get a Level 7 Security Pass.
  4. At Basement 1, go to the Loading Docks Controls area.
  5. Exit the docks through the Exit door.

The third FNaF security breach has come to an end.

Follow these procedures if you wish to finish the game by leaving by an emergency exit:

  1. After escaping the Daycare, go to El Chip’s restaurant (Level 3) and start the Prize Counter task.
  2. During this quest, you will come upon a locked emergency fire exit.
  3. Collect all six Golden Plushies in Rockstar Row’s Montgomery Gator’s section.
  4. Go to Pizzaplex at 6 a.m. and choose “STAY” when prompted.
  5. Go to Level 3 and depart via the rear of the Prize Counter, which will be accessible now, through an emergency exit.

End of the FNaF Security Breach 4

You may complete the game by visiting Vanny’s location, and here’s how to do it if you haven’t already:

  1. During the Fazer Blast task, go via the vent near the Prize Counter.
  2. Turn left on the opposite side of the vent.
  3. You may resume your game as normal after you see the pop-up notice regarding unlocking Vanny’s apartment.
  4. Finally, when Freddy asks whether you want to remain or depart, choose the third option “VANNY.”
  5. After a cutscene, return to Vanny’s area by going through the main door.
  6. In Vanny’s room, press the bright green button.
  7. Take a look at the game’s ending scene.

Security Breach at FNaF Comes to an End 5

This is a different Vanny ending that asks players to complete the game by playing arcade games.

I’m playing Princess Quest Arcade.


The first arcade may be located on Pizzaplex’s Level 2 in the Roxy Raceway section. You’ll find yourself inside the Glamrock Beauty Salon if you enter the door indicated by the red rectangle in the image above. To discover and finish the first arcade game, go to the salon’s backroom.

Princess Quest II is a sequel to Princess Quest.

The second arcade may be found in the Fazcade section on Level 3. To get to the very top, climb the ladder to the left of the elevator. Then walk right and you’ll find yourself in a massive hall with a variety of arcade machines.

Find the left-hand entrance at the rear of the hall and continue left until you reach another arcade hall. At the far rear of one of them will be the second Princess arcade.

Princess Quest III is the third installment in Princess Quest Arcade.

When asked what you want to do next at the Pizzaplex door at 6 a.m. after completing the first two arcades, choose “Vanny.”

You will be taken to Vanny’s section, where the last arcade machine may be found. When you finish this arcade, FNaF Security Breach will be finished as well.

True Ending of the FNaF Security Breach

We have a separate guide for the genuine ending in FNaF Security Breach, so just click the link to receive the greatest and most difficult ending in the game. It was well worth the effort!

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“The “how to get true ending fnaf security breach” is a guide that will help you find all the endings for Five Nights at Freddy’s. The guide includes walkthroughs for each of the five different endings, along with pictures and videos.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get all endings in FNAF Security Breach?

A: To get all endings in FNAF Security Breach, you will need to find the hidden key that unlocks each of the five different endings. The first one is located on a table near where Michael Aftons corpse can be found

How many endings are there in five nights at Freddys?

Who is the girl in FNAF security breach?

A: The girl in the security breach is a red fox called Foxy.

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