Evil Dead: The Game — Spirit Points Explained

What are spirit points in Evil Dead: The Game? Each game has 600 spirits, and players can purchase unlockable upgrades with each new level. How does the game make this a fair way to play?

The “Evil Dead: The Game — Spirit Points Explained” is a game that was released in 2013. It is a horror game, with the main goal being to collect spirit points.

Evil Dead: The Game is a multiplayer game in which players are rewarded for specializing in certain roles. “Play your class” is as applicable here as it is in strictly competitive games like Overwatch. Spirit Points play a significant role in this. 

Each class in Evil Dead: The Game features two to four people that fulfill each role (some of which are restricted until you finish the single-player objectives). If you’re going to devote actual time to the game, you should definitely concentrate on one character from each of the four classes.

Using a character in-game is one of the finest methods to level them up. Spirit Points, on the other hand, are a speedier method to fill up your skill tree and level up.

In Evil Dead: The Game, how do Spirit Points work?

Spirit Points are a crucial aspect of Evil Dead: The Game that is easy to ignore during the first few games. Don’t forget to use your Spirit Points, however. These points are basically additional XP that you may allocate to characters anyway you choose after finishing a session.

When characters level up in Evil Dead: The Game, they receive one skill point. Spirit Points are a fast and simple method to level up and extend the skill trees of your favorite characters without having to grind. This is particularly handy since sessions may run up to 30 minutes. 

Winning a round will certainly award you more Spirit Points than losing a round would. 

What Can I Do With Spirit Points?


When examining your survivors, pick the Collection from the main menu to spend Spirit Points. You may observe any character as well as any of the three Demon classes at this point. In the bottom right corner of the skill tree, you’ll notice the character’s level and experience-until-next-level. Hold the Y (Triangle) button on this screen to spend Spirit Points.

They deplete rapidly, so keep an eye on your total Spirit Points in the top right corner while you’re doing this. While you can’t retrieve Spirit Points back if you use them mistakenly, Evil Dead: The Game allows you to respec any character at any moment if you wish to rearrange your skill points. 

That’s pretty much all for this clever mechanism. If you simply keep playing more matches, Spirit Points will flow rather quickly and steadily, and the system is a wonderful motivation for trying out new characters. It’s even a good idea to save your Spirit Points until you’ve chosen the character you want to play in each class. Visit our guides center for more information about Evil Dead: The Game.

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