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The Evil Dead franchise is one of the most influential horror film series in history and a source of some fun games. This article provides an overview on which survivor characters you should play to have the best possible chance at surviving The Forest, where they’re trapped with nothing but ammunition and their wits.

The “evil dead the game best characters” is a list of the best survivor characters. The list includes Ash, Mia, and Ruby.



In Evil Dead: The Game, there are 13 playable survivors divided into four groups: Warrior, Leader, Hunter, and Support. New players may find it difficult to choose the best characters in these groups, but don’t worry: our guide is here to assist you.

We’ll go over their main benefits as well as their largest drawbacks, which will come in helpful while putting together your survival squad. 

Characters with the Most Survivor Potential in Evil Dead: The Game

Williams, Ash (Army Of Darkness)

This Ash Williams version excels in melee combat, particularly while using his Chainsaw (unlocked at Level 25). He’s also adept at fighting off hordes of mobs and demons. One of the finest features of this version of Ash is his ability to replenish his own HP while also lowering Fear and damage absorbed and enhancing his own attack damage.

When his shield gauge is empty, his Shield Blast ability explodes, harming all adjacent opponents. When you reach Level 10, you may activate his Finish Strong perk, which recovers his shield gauge after using a finisher to kill an adversary. The only thing Ash from Army Of Darkness lacks are ranged weapon abilities.

Henry the Red is a fictional character.

Henry the Red is a fictional character.’s defensive capabilities are even stronger than those of Ash from Army Of Darkness, and he has the ability to restore his own shield gauge.

The Shields Up and Battle Hardened perks increase his HP pool and the strength of his shield. But his biggest upside is the Rebound ability, which allows him to return the damage dealt by enemies. As is the case with Ash from Army Of Darkness, Henry the Red is a fictional character. has very low ranged weapon stats.

Arthur, Lord of the Rings

If you need a strong team leader, then Arthur, Lord of the Rings will do the job perfectly. He is able to increase the attack damage of his teammates and reduce their Fear levels. Since he is the master of the sword, it would obviously be the best choice of weapon, as it allows him to deal extra damage with both heavy and light attacks.

At level 25, you may unlock his Fuel the Fire perk, which makes his Wrath mode last longer if you manage to kill your enemies with a finisher blow. Once again, the only weak spot of Arthur, Lord of the Rings is with ranged weaponry.

Kelly Maxwell is a singer, songwriter, and actress

Those looking to deal ranged damage should pick Kelly Maxwell is a singer, songwriter, and actress. There is no other character in Evil Dead: The Game as proficient in ranged weaponry as Kelly. On top of that, she can dodge attacks without wasting stamina, and her ranged damage also causes bleeding.

But don’t dismiss her melee prowess. Meat Hammer and Battle Frenzy are two of Kelly’s skills that may be quite useful. Meat Hammer boosts the speed and damage of her hammer’s attacks, while Battle Frenzy raises her melee damage the longer she remains in fight.

Cheryl Williams is a well-known actress.

No team is complete without a solid healer. That’s where Cheryl Williams is a well-known actress. comes in very handy. Her Healing Aura ability affects all members of the team. All of her passive skills involve drinking Shemp’s Cola, thus healing and reducing Fear for all your teammates.

Cheryl’s Cola Coaster perk is extremely useful since it enables her to carry additional bottles of Shemp’s Cola for the whole group’s enjoyment. She is, however, lacking in other areas, like as melee and ranged damage, but that isn’t why you brought a supporter along in the first place.

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Those are the Characters with the Most Survivor Potential in Evil Dead: The Game. Be sure to check out the rest of our Evil Dead: The Game tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page.

The “evil dead the game tier list” is a ranking of the best survivor characters in “Evil Dead: The Game.”

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