Evan Mobley is a talented and versatile center prospect who is projected as a top-eight pick in this year’s NBA Draft. Mobley is an elite athlete who excels in both the post and on-ball defense. He has a great offensive game, and has the ability to be a dominant defender at the next level. His low-post game is comparable to Anthony Davis, and is considered the best post prospect since Anthony Davis. Mobley also has an impressive shooting ability for a big man, as well as a good mid-range jumper. The comparisons to Chris Bosh in his game are more for his ability to shoot from long-range and defense than his abilities in the post.

Evan Mobley of UCLA was the most highly-touted point guard in the country this past season, and the comparisons to Isaiah Thomas and Chris Bosh were numerous. Despite these comparisons, Evan has been able to keep a level head and has worked to improve his stock. “I am going to be in the top 10,” he said. “I’m not really trying to get into that hype. I just want to go out there and play my game and work my tail off and become the player I want to be.”

There are a lot of reasons to be excited about Evan Mobley, but it’s hard to pick out just one. After all, the strength of the beef between Mobley and other Big Ten big men, and his preternatural ability to update his status in the last heartbeat, are two pretty compelling reasons to be excited about the 6-foot-11 forward out of Michigan State. But there’s no denying that Mobley’s very presence in the NBA draft, after he has spent the last two years chasing his dream, is a testament to his own dedication.. Read more about nba mock draft and let us know what you think.

Evan Mobley is expected to be one among the top selections in Thursday’s NBA draft, and some scouts believe he might be a fascinating mix of Anthony Davis and Chris Bosh.

This past season, Mobley was a standout for the USC Trojans, averaging 16.4 points, 8.7 rebounds, 2.4 assists, and 2.9 blocks per game. With his height and length, he dominated the paint, and his explosive agility and ability to handle the ball in the open floor wowed as well.

Before Oklahoma State guard Cade Cunningham and G League Ignite standout Jalen Green, the 7-footer is unlikely to be chosen. Nonetheless, scouts are conjuring up pictures of Mobley that indicate he might be the greatest player available in the NBA Draft in 2021.

Before stepping foot on the USC campus, Evan Mobley was a top-three draft selection. And now he has a chance to be the greatest player in this class.

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July 27, 2021 — The Ringer (@ringer)

Mobley’s stature is apparent, but it’s how he uses it to his advantage that makes him one of the NBA’s best prospects.

For a player of his stature, the California native is very agile and skillful. Mobley regularly shown his ability to handle the ball in transition. He has a good second jump and rotates well to block or challenge shots.

Mobley was also unafraid to go all the way to the edge. He shot 1.2 three-pointers per game on average. The same can be said for the defense. Mobley can cut off screens and compel guards to pick up their dribble while yet recovering quickly and returning to his position.

Mobley can do some of the same tasks as a more conventional big man. He can utilize his stature to get off hooks against smaller opponents on the low block, and he can score in the paint with his speed. On screens, Mobley can also roll hard to the basket and finish through contact.

However, it’s Mobley’s unconventional talents that have NBA scouts wetting their pants.

One scout compares Mobley to a cross between Chris Bosh and Anthony Davis.

Some crazy parallels have been made between Mobley’s potential as an athletic stretch-big and his legendary defensive playmaking.

On the offensive end, according to longtime NBA draft expert Chad Ford, Mobley is similar to a particular Hall of Famer, and on the defensive end, he’s a certain future Hall of Famer.

Ford told Chris Fedor of cleveland.com, “I had one scout tell me the other night that Mobley is Chris Bosh on offensively and Anthony Davis on defense.” “That’s an NBA superstar,” says the narrator. That’s insane.”

The parallels aren’t entirely without validity. Bosh’s offensive approach evolved over his career, ultimately becoming into a floor-spacing big man capable of hitting triples while also performing on the low block. In terms of physical type, he and Mobley have a lot in common.

Many basketball fans will remember Davis as a superb and skinny defender in college before going on to become an NBA great. Davis’ length and agility were significant factors in his domination on that end, and he actively sought out blocks. Mobley is similar in that he can recover quickly to swat the ball away when smaller guards rush past him.

Mobley is under a lot of pressure to live up to the expectations because of these similarities. He seems, however, to be up to the task.

Mobley believes in his “unicorn” status.

NBA draft prospect Evan Mobley shoots over fellow draft hopeful Jalen Suggs during the Elite 8

NBA draft prospect Evan Mobley shoots over fellow draft hopeful Jalen Suggs during the Elite 8 Evan Mobley is unlike any NBA draft prospect in recent memory | Getty Images/Tim Nwachukwu

Mobley is adamant about not being grouped in with the rest of the draft’s top prospects. He believes he was born to be different. The scouts seem to be in agreement.

Mobley told Fedor, “I believe I’ll be a generational player that no one has truly seen before.” “That’s what I want to be, and all I have to do now is keep working and going to the gym until I get there.”

Mobley believes there is no one-size-fits-all comparison for what he can accomplish on the basketball floor. Still, if he’s anything like Bosh or Davis, he’ll provide an unending supply of thrills to a fortunate fan base.

It’s unclear where Mobley will be selected on Thursday, but many believe he’ll go No. 3 to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

CBB Reference provided the statistics.

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Evan Mobley has been compared to Anthony Davis and Chris Bosh for one reason: his athleticism. The Kentucky center is one of the most game-ready prospects in the upcoming NBA draft, and he has a chance to be picked anywhere from the late first round to the second round.. Read more about anthony davis career stats and let us know what you think.

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