ESPN NBA analyst Tim Legler. Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images Tim Legler, ESPN analyst and radio color analyst in Phoenix on Arizona Sports 620, took to Twitter to share some thoughts on the Suns’ loss to the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals on a night the Suns were supposed to shine. In a series filled with controversy, Legler shared some of his opinions on the Suns, while also backing up his opinions by getting the facts wrong:

Tim Legler was a guest analyst on ESPN’s NBA pre-game show. Throughout the segment, he made several statements about the Phoenix Suns being “not ready” to reach the NBA Finals. Is he right?

Tim Legler is an ESPN analyst who is known for his acerbic critiques of the NBA, NFL, and other sports leagues. As such, he’s had a lot of success during the two years he’s been with the network, where he’s been extremely critical of the Suns’ front office and coaching staff.. Read more about when is the nba finals 2021 and let us know what you think.

After losing the first two games of the NBA Finals, one commentator dubbed the Milwaukee Bucks “the worst team in NBA Finals history.” Another NBA analyst believes the Phoenix Suns should be grateful simply to be alive now that they are on the verge of elimination after three consecutive defeats.

It’d be fascinating to see whether he felt the same way after Game 2, but that’s just the way things are in today’s society. An analysis isn’t so much about the Xs and Os as it is about the current hot perspective. A Jrue Holiday-to-Giannis Antetokounmpo lob pass is easy to visualize. However, declaring a team to be the stupidest in the history of an event that spans more than 70 years requires innate analytical ability.

At the very least, this pendulum effect in evaluating the 2021 NBA Finals has a logical foundation. It’s been the epitome of a back-and-forth debate.

In the NBA Finals, the Phoenix Suns took first blood.

There wasn’t much discussion about the Phoenix Suns being fortunate to be in the NBA Finals as they cruised to double-digit wins at home in the first two games. Instead, Chris Paul was about to close a 16-year gap in his professional résumé. Devin Booker was a fast-rising talent in the NBA.

The series then returned to Milwaukee. The Bucks thrashed the Suns in Game 3 to cut the deficit to 2–1 and evened the series with a late-game comeback victory. Milwaukee’s other superstar is Khris Middleton. Giannis Antetokounmpo has the ability to lead a team to victory.

As the Suns raced out to a large early lead in Game 5, the narrative swung back in Phoenix’s favor. After the Bucks overcame a 16-point deficit at the conclusion of the first quarter into a three-point halftime advantage, it soon shifted back.

Before roaring back, Phoenix was down by as much as 14 points — a 30-point swing total. However, for the second game in a row, a Suns guard found himself on the floor as the ball was heading in the other way, clinching a Bucks victory.

That leaves us where we are today, with Phoenix counting himself fortunate to be alive.

According to a reliable expert, the NBA Finals would have been different if the season had been 82 games long. bY

Tim Legler is a writer and a musician. of ESPN’s The Lowe Post podcast went to great pains to argue why the Phoenix Suns shouldn’t have even been in the NBA Finals. If this had been a “regular year,” the Los Angeles Lakers would have remained healthy, Jamal Murray would have played 48 minutes per game for the Denver Nuggets, Kawhi Leonard would not have been loaded, and we’d all be seeing rainbows and butterflies.

After all, no athlete has ever been hurt during a “typical year,” has he?

“To me, the Phoenix Suns’ narrative is going to be — fantastic story, they broke through this year, they’re now on the map. But, let’s be honest, if the Lakers don’t break down, if the Clippers don’t break down physically, and if Jamal Murray doesn’t go down, the Suns aren’t going to the NBA Finals in a regular year.

“They weren’t prepared to take such a risk. Injuries had a significant role, as shown by the fact that they now need another player.”

Tim Legler

The general argument made by Legler is correct. Because Paul has been erratic, Booker has had to shoulder a significant amount of responsibility as a scorer. After all, teams don’t aim to assemble a Big Two in order to create a championship window. They like to be in groups of three.

The Phoenix Suns did not ‘surprise’ the Los Angeles Lakers.

Jae Crowder and the Phoenix Suns were the NBA's second-best team in 2020-21.

Jae Crowder and the Phoenix Suns were the NBA's second-best team in 2020-21. On Thursday, June 3, 2021, Phoenix Suns forward Jae Crowder silences the Lakers fans with a 3-pointer in the final minutes of a 113-100 victory at Staples Center. | Getty Images/Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times

Throughout the playoffs, there was a popular belief that the Phoenix Suns had a lucky streak and made it to the NBA Finals. This was just untrue.

Folks, they ended with the NBA’s second-best record. Two teams won 50 games in this 72-game season, the Utah Jazz with 52 and the Suns with 51. That is all there is to it.

In the first round, Phoenix was unable to upset the Lakers. In the NBA, unlike college football polls, your previous performance has no bearing. Whether they were defending champions or not, the Lakers needed to win a play-in game to make the playoffs, and the Suns were a strong second seed.

Phoenix didn’t “upset” the Denver Nuggets or the Los Angeles Clippers, who both finished second to the Suns in the standings. Every season, injuries play a part. The accomplishments of the Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks should not be overlooked just because they aren’t among the most well-known teams. provided the statistics.

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