Dune Spice Wars Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Dune Spice Wars is a competitive strategy game that comes in an app form. You control the action from your browser, and will have to manage resources as you expand your empire. This article offers some tips on how to get started with Dune Spice Wars so that you can enjoy it more!

The “dune spice wars command points” is a game that is available on iOS and Android. It has been around for awhile but it’s still being played by many people. The tips and tricks in this article are meant to help beginners get the most out of the game.

With hundreds of minor systems and features that all tie together in a single battle, Dune Spice Wars is a true testimony to just how much there is to learn to even have a chance in a 4X game. While there is no multiplayer in the game for now, the AI may be rather hard.

We’ll offer you a few pointers in this guide to help you get started on your conquest of Arrakis.

Put your ornithopters and harvesters on autopilot.


The two vehicles you’ll use the most in Dune Spice Wars are ornithopters and harvesters, and although you can handle them manually, it’s far simpler to let them do things automatically.

Simply click on it, or on the symbol on the right side of the screen, to change your Ornithopter to auto. A set to auto button may be found in the unit selection window.

When this option is enabled, your Ornithopter will scour the map on its own for communities, caches, areas of interest, and more. The advantage is that you can concentrate on other things. Each match starts with one Ornithopter, but you may upgrade it by investing 400 Solario and two fuel. 

You’ll have a Spice Harvester after you’ve taken your first settlement and created a Refinery. To start the Harvester, you must manually pick it and press the harvest button, although there is a second option for “Auto-Recall.” This is a must-have option since it allows your harvester to immediately escape if a Sandworm emerges.

The only caveat is that you’ll have to manually restart it once it’s back to your base. Still, it’s preferable than losing a harvester and having to wait for a replacement. 

Spice is the most valuable resource you have.


Spice is everything in your conquest of Arrakis, as the game’s name indicates. Your initial objective should be to capture as many spice fields as possible and put up harvesting equipment. Purple dust markings denote spice fields, so you can design your growth path around them. 

The Spice gauge is located in the top-left corner of the screen, and you may adjust it to vary how much spice you sell against how much you hoard. While selling more spice is typically a good idea, make sure you have enough in your inventory to fulfill the Spice Tax.

The ideal strategy is to keep the slider largely in the purple zone until your stockpile is sufficient to cover the tax, then flip it to yellow until the next tax period begins. 

Concentrate primarily on a single playstyle and the research tree


Because there are three various methods to win a match in Dune Spice Wars, you’ll probably want to concentrate on one playstyle. That entails taking particular steps and putting a lot of money into one branch of the research tree. This may also be influenced by the faction you choose to play as:

  • Diplomacy and charters are strong suits for House Atreides.
  • The military is a strong suit for House Harkonnen.
  • The finest spying is done by smugglers.
  • Exploration and rapid growth favor the Fremen.

To go along with these playstyles, you’ll want to concentrate on the color-coded research branch that helps you the most.

  • Espionage and agents gain from blue improvements.
  • Diplomacy and Landsraad both gain from becoming green.
  • The color red is associated with the military.
  • Exploration and economy are aided by orange.

Of course, you may dabble in all of the areas as you see fit, but due to the sluggish pace of research, it’s preferable to devote the majority of your time to one to reap the greatest rewards.

As a side aside, you can speed up research by building Research Hubs in your communities. 

The importance of airfields and sandworms cannot be overstated.


The terrain in Dune Spice Wars is enormous, and your military forces advance at a snail’s pace. Fortunately, the game provides you with several routes to get about. Sandworms are only available to Fremen, whereas shuttles are available to the other three tribes. 

Sandworms may be used by Fremen at any moment to move troops to regions they control, and there is a three on the worms gauge on the right side of the screen. Select the Sandworm after placing your troops on the sand. You’ll need to decide where the worm will pick up and drop off, but bear in mind that they can only travel on sand. You have three charges, which will steadily replenish as you use them. 

The other factions will need to build an airfield, which may be found in any village’s military buildings section.

Select your troops by moving them within the range of the airfield. Once you’ve chosen a unit, you’ll notice an option to employ an airlift on the unit selection screen, which will cost Solari and fuel. The problem is that your airlift can only go to another airstrip if there is one nearby. As a result, you’ll almost certainly need a network of airfields inside your control zone. 

Prior to expanding, concentrate on improving villages. 


On Arrakis, there are hundreds of towns to capture, and it might be tempting to want to conquer as many as possible as soon as possible. However, conquering a few towns and thoroughly improving them before moving on is a better strategy. A bandit attack or a few soldiers from another side may swiftly destroy an unprepared town. 

At the very least, make sure any available Militia spots in each settlement are filled. A Missile Battery should also be placed in any settlement on the edges of your domain for further security.

After that, you should unlock at least one or two more construction spots in each town so that you may install extra resources if necessary. 

Remember to keep your spies and operations in mind.


You’ll unlock your first agent roughly 10 to 20 minutes into a battle, and a notice will appear at the top. By clicking the magnifying glass symbol on the right side, you can access the Espionage menu. You’ll be able to assign operatives to various groups and factions in this section.

Agents start with a resource called Intel and may earn more depending on where they are deployed. It’s useless to have an unassigned agent, therefore ensure sure all of your agents are assigned at all times. 

You may use Intel to set up Operations, which each have their own set of consequences. One may, for example, allow you to restock loyal forces in a territory, while another may seek to assassinate a rival group. It’s easy to overlook Operations, but they may provide you a significant advantage when attempting to take over enemy territory. 

Investing in your capital might provide you an advantage.


Your capital is crucial, but you won’t be able to do anything with it until you reach 10,000 Hegemony. Once you’ve reached that point, you’ll be able to construct very helpful districts in the capital that correlate to Economy, Military, and Statecraft. If all of the buildings in a district are of the same kind, you may get a bonus.

You’ll probably have to wait a bit before you can invest in your capital, but if you have some extra cash, check out the various alternatives and see how they may benefit your present playstyle.

Hopefully, these pointers will assist you in getting a head start in Dune Spice Wars. Check out our Dune Spice Wars guides page for much additional information and walkthroughs.

The “dune spice wars trainer” is a helpful tool that allows users to play the game without having to spend money on it. It also includes tips and tricks for beginners.

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