People lash out at him for all sorts of reasons, but Green’s grace under fire is one of his most admirable attributes. As a result, Green has become a vocal critic of the Warriors, increasingly taking aim at his teammates and management. In an interview with The Athletic, Green said the Warriors are on track to become a “bad” team. “The goal is to win a championship every year. We’re not seeing that, and it makes it so hard. It’s hard, man. I’m mad. I’m mad and I don’t like not winning.”

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors may be destined to win another NBA championship. But Draymond Green has a problem.

The Warriors have been the NBA’s golden boys for years, but they’ve been made to look like fools on a regular basis in recent weeks. How? Well, the team has a little problem called Draymond Green, who has a habit of making big shots when the Warriors are in trouble. The latest example came last week, when Green somehow got an offensive rebound off an errant pass from teammate Stephen Curry, and put it back to win the game.

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors are officially out of the NBA playoffs, and Draymond Green is not happy. Curry, Green and the Warriors lost both games of the NBA qualifying tournament. Golden State has missed the playoffs for several years in a row, and the former All-Star forward has many thoughts on the road ahead.

Draymond Green thinks the Warriors are far from competitive

word-image-15327 word-image-15328 Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry (L) has to pay attention to what Draymond Green thinks about the team’s future. | Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images COMPARED TO: Draymond Green finally revealed the truth about his on-court altercation with Kevin Durant in 2018. Draymond Green gave it his all on a night when the Warriors only had eight active players in the lineup. Green had 11 points, 16 rebounds and 10 assists in the Warriors’ game against the Memphis Grizzlies. But Grizzlies star guard Ja Morant scored 35 points to lead his team to a 117-112 victory. Memphis faces No. 8 Utah in the Western Conference quarterfinals, and Green is going home – or, as he said in the post-game press conference, maybe traveling. According to ESPN, Green told reporters that he might go to Mexico after the season, but that he would not spend any time there. Mexico is not] a place. It’s not a steal for Utah, so we have a long way to go because we’re not in the playoffs. – So we’re far away. Because to win a championship, you have to make the playoffs. So there’s still a long way to go – a few changes here and there, and we’re not that far off. But we are far from there, because we are not in the play-offs. Draymond Green Golden State suffered numerous injuries, including a torn right Achilles tendon on star shooter Clay Thompson, and finished with a 39-33 record. Still, the Warriors have come a long way from the days when they consistently dominated the Western Conference to reach the annual NBA Finals. COMPARED TO: Stephen Curry describes his rivalry with LeBron James perfectly in 3 words Stephen Curry’s ears must have been pricked up as Green addressed the assembled media. The All-Star point guard scored 39 points in overtime of the Warriors’ game against the Grizzlies. He’ll be a free agent next summer, and barring a catastrophe, he has a chance at one last big payday. Curry became a free agent at 34 and already has three championship rings to his name. He will be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame and is just 142 three-pointers away from breaking Ray Allen’s record. But if Green believes the Warriors are far from a championship contender, Curry may have to reconsider his long-term plans. Would a future Hall of Fame sharpshooter really want to sign with a team that won’t get anywhere near the NBA Finals? Even at his advanced age, there will be no shortage of buyers next summer.

Green paid tribute to Curry after the-play-in

He stood before us and gave us all someone to follow. It was management, it was everyone. He has given us all someone to follow. Draymond Green’s incredible reaction to what Stephen Curry has meant to the Warriors this year – Sam Hustis (@SamHustis) 22 May 2021 COMPARED TO: Has Stephen Curry ever been better? Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr doesn’t see it that way The Warriors have had some internal problems over the years, but Green has always shown love and respect for Curry. Asked about the point guard’s overall impact on the Warriors, Green openly praised his teammate’s leadership and commitment. Curry is the NBA’s top scorer this year, with a record of 32 points per game. He was ahead of us and set an example for all of us to follow, Green said of Curry. It was management, it was everyone. He has given us all someone to follow. Only time will tell if Curry, who was released on the 14th. March, 33, will remain a role model for the Warriors or will he play that role for another team in 2022. Like Sportscasting on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter @sportscasting19 .

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