Did Los Angeles Lakers GM Rob Pelinka Play Basketball?

As a former player who played basketball for a number of colleges, I was interested to read yesterday that Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka had recently played basketball at a high-level. I decided to give him a call to ask about the experience.

The Los Angeles Lakers have won three NBA championships in the past four years, and they’re looking to win another year in 2018.  Player acquisitions have been the Lakers’ biggest focus in free agency, with the team reportedly having a $200M salary cap to play with .  With $20M in cap space, the Lakers could sign an impressive roster of players: LeBron James, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, and Kyle Lowry.  But none of those players will be enough to help the Lakers get back to the NBA Finals.  For that, the Lakers need to sign another star player, and that’s where Rob Pelinka comes in.  The Lakers’ GM has experience playing in the NBA, and he knows what it takes to

This week, the Lakers signed LeBron James, the best basketball player on the planet, in a historically lucrative deal. How did the Lakers manage to do something that took so many years to accomplish?

After a disappointing exit in the first round of the 2021 NBA playoffs, general manager Rob Pelinka is the man to get the Los Angeles Lakers ready for another run at the championship in 2022. If you’ve watched a Lakers game lately, you’ve probably seen Pelinka. He’s a tall, dark-haired man in a suit who looks like the actor Rob Lowe. Television cameras often show him watching the action on set from the command tunnel. Pelinka now has an incredible job, but her path to it is even more incredible. He once worked with one of the greatest basketball players of all time and played on one of the best (and certainly funniest) teams of all time.

Rob Pelinka was a successful sports agent who represented Kobe Bryant

Rob Pelinka | Photo: Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images word-image-2455 Before Pelinka got perhaps the most prestigious job in the NBA, he had another pretty comfortable job. He has been an NBA player agent for several stars. According to Forbes, Pelinka ran the Landmark Sports Agency before joining the Lakers. In 2016, his last year as an agent, Pelinka had a net worth of $13.9 million. Pelinka represented relatively few NBA players, but what he lacked in quantity, he made up for in quality. The Chicago native represented stars like James Harden, Channing Frye, Eric Gordon, Trevor Ariza and Andre Iguodala. However, the biggest star Pelinka has ever represented is Kobe Bryant. Pelinka represented Bryant for most of his career, and they were very close friends and business partners until Bryant’s tragic death in a helicopter accident in 2020.

Pelinka played basketball at the University of Michigan as part of a big five

Unlike some general managers and agents who only know the business side of the game, Pelinka knows what it’s like to play at a high level. Although he never played in the NBA, Pelinka did play at the University of Michigan. According to NBA.com, he is the only player in school history to make three Final Four teams. As a rookie, the 6-foot-6 guard was a member of the 1998-99 national championship team that also included Rumil Robinson, Glen Rice and Loy Waugh. The following year, Pelinka participated in practice, so he was a junior and senior when the Magnificent Five were at Michigan. In his final season with Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King and Ray Jackson, the future GM played 16 minutes per game and averaged 4.3 points.

Pelinka made two of the most important moves in Lakers history

In 2017, Pelinka signed a five-year deal to become general manager of the Lakers. He had a 35-47 record in his first year, but the former Wolverine quickly made two of the biggest moves in franchise history to turn things around. Pelinka began the process of making the Lakers glorious again by signing LeBron James, the game’s best player, to a four-year $154 million contract, according to NBC Sports. James has played just 55 games this season due to injuries, making the Lakers’ record just two games better than last season. The following season, Pelinka struck a deal with three teams to get superstar help for James. The Lakers traded Isaac Bong, Jemerrio Jones and Moritz Wagner to the Washington Wizards and Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, De’Andre Hunter, Brandon Ingram and several first round picks and trades to the New Orleans Pelicans for Anthony Davis. For a franchise known for making big moves (Kareem-Abdul Jabbar trade, Shaquille O’Neal signing), Pelinka’s moves are one of the biggest. The signing of James and Davis helped the team win the NBA championship in 2020. Having lost in the first round for the first time in James’ career, Pelinka will have to work hard again, but he’s not afraid to take big shots, as we’ve seen in the past. All statistics provided by Basketball Reference COMPARED TO: Kobe Bryant secretly played a crucial role in the Anthony Davis trade to the LakersRob Pelinka was recently promoted to general manager of the Los Angeles Lakers, the team that he has been a part of since 2015. Although not many details about Pelinka’s basketball background have been released, a few former NBA players have been quoted on his leadership skills and willingness to play hard.. Read more about how many rings does rob pelinka have and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Rob Pelinka play in the NBA?

Rob Pelinka is the GM of the Lakers, and since the Lakers are a big franchise, there might be a lot of basketball talent that he’s been around and witnessed. There might be other people who could write an intro about Rob Pelinka, and they could choose a different blog to blog at, but it would have to be really entertaining and unique for people to want to read it. Rob Pelinka, the Lakers GM, played basketball in college, at San Diego State, and for the NBA’s Chicago Bulls. He was an All-NBA player in his four years in college, and he averaged 11.5 points per game in his NBA career. Some attribute his career to the fact that he played on a team that won 11 NBA Championships, while others say that he was a good enough player to get a shot at any team in the league.

What college did Rob Pelinka?

Rob Pelinka, the Lakers general manager, grew up in Michigan and attended college at the University of Michigan. A lot of sports fans may be aware that Rob Pelinka went to the University of California, Los Angeles. But what you may not know is that he played some pretty good basketball at UCLA, and he was even on the school’s basketball media guide. Pelinka averaged 1.6 points per game in college, but he was able to get a big boost in scoring his senior year, when he was given the starting job.

What is Rob Pelinka net worth?

Rob Pelinka, the Lakers General Manager, is a man that has made a lot of money in his life. He’s spent a good portion of his adulthood working for the Lakers, and it looks like it’s Paying off. He managed to negotiate a compensation package that will pay him $6 million a year in total. Rob Pelinka is the President of Basketball Operations for the Los Angeles Lakers, and has a net worth of $5.3M. He is the 5th highest paid GM in the league. He made $5.2M in 2018 and $3.2M in 2017.

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