Diablo Immortal: How to Get Adventure Journals

The game is the first major entertainment release on Blizzard’s new Battle.net service, which has been aggressively launching in 2019 with games like Diablo: Immortal and Overwatch 2. The company also plans to integrate streaming services such as Twitch into Battle.net so players can watch their favorite streamers compete against each other while they play a different type of game entirely

Diablo Immortal is an upcoming action-adventure game in the Diablo universe. The game will be available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. To get Adventure Journals, you must complete a task that is given to you by the NPC in the town of Alhambra.

There are many different currencies, missions, unlockables, and other features in Diablo: Immortal. Adventure Journals are but one example of such. These goods are a component of the end-game since they are connected to Elite Quests. Changing your difficulty after the main campaign is likewise connected to them.

This tutorial provides all the information you want if you’re wondering how to get Adventure Journals.

How do Elite Quests work?


Let’s begin with the fundamentals. After completing the main campaign, Elite Quests become accessible, beginning at Level 60 with Hell I difficulty (or higher) enabled. They comprise many pieces of longer quest chains, and finishing them brings forth wonderful prizes, such as unique chests. And you may open these chests by exchanging your Adventure Journals.

Where Can I Find Adventure Journals and Turn Them In?

There are currently only two methods to get two Adventure Journals: 

  • There won’t be any journals available to you if your level is below 60! When you reach Level 60 and go to the Hell I difficulty setting, the codex will reward you with an Adventure Journal.
  • After reaching Paragon Level 30 and going to Hell II difficulty, you will get a second one via the codex.

Other journals’ locations are currently unknown, but we’ll make sure to update the guide as soon as we learn more. It is probably true that you’ll get one for every new level of Hell, but we can’t say for sure just yet.

Visit Rakkis Plaza in Westmarch and search for Taite [Adventure Seeker], an NPC, to turn in the journals. Speak with her to trade the journals for an Elite Quest and some wicked stuff while taking in the beautifully ominous setting and narrative of Immortal.

This concludes the Diablo Immortal adventure journals guide. We’ll update it when new journals are published. Check out our Essence Transfer tutorial if you’re looking for additional guidelines to help you grind out that incredible treasure.

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