Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted: Beloved God Roll Guide

The Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted event has begun and with it comes a new game mode called “Beloved God Roll.” This guide will help you get started on how to earn Beloved rewards.

In a time when the world has reached an all-time high for video game mania and esports, Destiny 2 is still going strong. This guide will help you get started in Season of The Haunted with your favorite God Rolls

The “destiny 2 austringer god roll” is a guide that will help you make the most of your time in Season of the Haunted. The guide includes all the best weapons, armor and shaders for each class.



The Beloved Sniper Rifle had a major role in the implementation of two significant alterations that Destiny 2 gamers detested: sniper scope tweaks and sunsetting. It has no rivals and was the most popular sniper in Crucible before to the Beyond Light patch. It surpasses everything except the Revoker because to its low-zoom scope and great perk options. You’ll be pursuing its god roll when it enters Season of the Haunted. 

Beloved doesn’t care that the Destiny 2 sandbox has altered drastically in the last 12 months. It maintains its position at the top in PvP. It’s also not lacking in PvE content thanks to Solar 3.0 and a few new perks. Here, we’ll go over all the essential PvE and PvP benefits.

The Beloved deity roll follows much of the same guidelines as when it was initially introduced in Season of Opulence. The greatest barrel and magazine choices, as well as characteristics one and two, are still available. Only somewhat more variation is available in PvE.

Favorite PvE Sniper Rifle God Roll

Controllability and extra burst damage are the two main goals of a PvE sniper rifle. Beloved can provide both, and even if it won’t be able to compete with a Sniper with Focused Fury or Firing Line, it can still boldly stand next to them.


  • Fluted Barrel or Arrowhead Break

With the help of Arrowhead Break, Beloved’s accuracy while firing continuously is greatly enhanced. Additionally, it offers a modest Handling advantage that speeds up and improves the consistency of weapon preparation.

Fluted Barrel is a great backup option since it offers somewhat better handling than Arrowhead and a minor boost to stability. Fluted is a fantastic choice to add to Beloved if you want to be a little bit more active on the battlefield since the latest adjustments to Flinch have made Stability a necessary when you can find it.


  • Alloy magazine, ricochet rounds

Thanks to Ricochet Rounds’ modest increase in range and more substantial improvement in stability, very few weapons are not made better by it. Beloved is the same way. Even if you use up all of your Beloved’s ammunition, Alloy Magazine maintains it stocked.

Popular PvE Trait 1

  • No distractions, only snapshot sights.

Almost seldom is it a bad thing to be able to aim down your sights more quickly. Although it’s not as effective in PvE and PvP, having Snapshot cut your ADS time in half is a huge help when playing the aggressive sniper against the enemies of mankind.

If you want to maintain a sightline or aim at an adversary or boss’s weak point, No Distractions is a preferable choice. Your resistance to flinch rises by a staggering 35% while No Distractions is active, helping you stay on target and do consistent damage.

cherished PvE trait two

The Scorch and Ignition states, which are usable in both PvE and PvP, were introduced in Solar 3.0. There are more and more methods to trigger ignition explosions as the community uncovers new Solar structures, and Incandescent makes the task simpler by igniting every opponent killed by Beloved and dispersing Scorch stacks to adjacent adversaries.

Again, Quickdraw is for the more aggressive PvE sniper who seeks the quickest possible access to their Beloved.

PvP God Roll beloved sniper rifle

It has always been about who can snipe in PvP the fastest, whether it’s for a quickscope in close range or a flip along a sightline. The performance of Beloved doesn’t alter much between PvE and PvP, therefore the perk options usually apply to both.


  • Fluted Barrel or Arrowhead Break

the same decisions as PvE for similar reasons.


  • High-caliber rounds, ricochet rounds.

The same as in PvE, ricochet rounds are preferred, however high-caliber shots are preferred because to their higher flinch. Even opponents with 100% flinch resistance will experience the affects of High-Cal and might help you win an otherwise hopeless battle. Enemy players who invested the time to level Resilience won’t suffer the impacts as much.

Favorite PvP Quality 1:

  • No distractions, only snapshot sights.

similar to PvE When it comes to maintaining sightlines, No Distractions means being prepared to shoot if you take any incoming rounds of your own. You should be able to take at least a couple main hits before you have to leave, but don’t linger around for too long.

Favorite PvP Quality 2:

  • Changing Target Quickdraw.

For the same reasons, Quickdraw is even more helpful in PvP, but if you need a little more lethality while controlling a lane, Moving Target’s Aim Assist and slight movement speed bonus while ADS’d are highly helpful.

Any combination of the aforementioned benefits will result in a highly effective Beloved. Although Season of the Haunted in Destiny 2 didn’t have a great launch, gamers are now able to access the excellent things. Throughout the Witch Queen expansion year, we covered a lot of content related to Destiny 2, such as how to finish the Vow of the Disciple Raid and where to obtain Lucent Moths. For all of it, see our guides center.

The “calus mini tool god roll” is a guide that will help you on your journey to finding the Beloved God Roll.

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