The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events of the year, and one that brings tons of attention to the event itself. If you have ever wanted to get the inside scoop on the Super Bowl’s NFL action, then you are in luck. Here is a list of every shrine location in the NFL so that you can get a better idea of the layout of each stadium.

Are you looking for a shrine, but don’t know where to go to meditate on the afterlife? Well, we have a guide to all of the shrines in the game!

Death’s Door is an online shrine created in 2015 by user Adrain_X in honor of the TV anime Shirobako. The site is a place where people can post their own ideas for the series, and everything related to the show. At the moment of the site’s creation, there were 107 shrine locations, which will be updated every now and then.

There are a plethora of collectibles to be found in Death’s Door. The 16 crystals discovered at vitality crystal shrines and magic crystal shrines will be the subject of this tutorial. Each one will offer you one crystal of that kind, with four of them being able to be cashed in to improve your health or magic.

This implies that if you gather all of the crystals, you’ll be able to double your health and magic levels. 

If you’re looking for a 50G accomplishment, you’re in luck: collecting all of these crystals will provide you the “Zen” achievement, as well as boosting your character to the max. 

Death’s Door: All Shrine Locations


The Cemetery of the Forgotten

Head up the ladder on the building just south of you from the entrance and continue the area left until you reach an elevator. Ride it down and around the back of the building. Drop down the ladders to discover a shrine’s entryway.

The Urn Witch’s Estate

Phase through the false hedge into a hidden tunnel in the northwest garden. Follow it around, then look for a shrine through the second set of artificial bushes.

Mansion Made of Ceramic

Destroy the two invisible vases in the west wing of the mansion’s bathroom (one is on the shelf and the other is at the foot of the bathtub). The shrine may then be found by walking through the false wall to the left of the tub.

The Urn Witch’s Estate

Go to the southeast garden and look for several unlit braziers on the ground. There are four garden spaces, each with a brazier, that are linked in a square. To raise a bridge, use the Flame spell on each one. To get to the shrine, cross the bridge and descend the trapdoor.

Furnace on the inside

From the four-way junction, take the northeast moving platform. To locate this little shrine, climb the ladder and stroll across the pipes.

Ruins that have become overgrown

Drop down from the ledge on the west side of the Forest People village. A shrine will be on your right.

Continue to the northeast corner of the Ruins that have become overgrown and make your way up the platforms. Do a rolling ground pound off of this ledge when you reach a big orange blossom exactly close to a crack in the wall to access a hidden passage below. The shrine may be reached by following the tunnel.

Dungeon of Mushrooms

There will be a bombable wall at the north corner of the Western Crow soul chamber soon after climbing some vines. Destroy it to reveal the shrine-filled chamber.

Castle that has been flooded

Continue south over the wooden bridges until you reach a bifurcation in the route. To open a route, take the north path and fire an arrow through the archway. To go to the shrine, use this route.

The Cemetery of the Forgotten

Follow the stairwells and ladders around the mountain until you reach a bombable wall at the foot of the mountain in the northern part of the map. Destroy it, then fight the miniboss inside. Continue on to the summit of the mountain to locate the shrine.

The Stranded Sailor is a story about a stranded s is a story about a stranded s

Follow the stairwell up the map until you hit a blockage of crystals. Break through to the other side and jump off the cliff. Enter a hidden tunnel that leads to the shrine by rolling ground pounding off the next ledge.

Castle Lockstone is a castle in Lockstone, England.

You can hookshot through a hole in the northwest wall from the first platform when you reach the chamber where you need to hookshot from platform to platform. Go through the door on the opposite side of the room that opens after pressing the switch in here. The shrine is located outside.

The Spirits’ Grove

Hookshot over the platforms immediately to the left of the entrance to reach a secret cemetery. The shrine may be found amid the tombstones if you descend.

Overgrown Ruins

Look for the two wooden buildings with curving red, yellow, and green rooves in the area. Follow the grapples around the pond after walking beneath the northwest one. When you get to the final one, use an arrow to fire the switch in the wall, which will reveal a route. To go to the shrine, follow it.

The Stranded Sailor

With the hookshot anchors, go to the wooden docks and grapple to the northwest stone platform from the docks. Up here, defeat a wave of foes before climbing some stairs to the shrine.

The Free Crows’ Camp

From the spawn point, follow the route until you reach a new region. By triggering switches to lower platforms and running over them because they reset, you may complete the ice route gauntlet. Some of them are difficult, but after you’ve gotten through them, you’ll discover the last shrine.

You’re all set to completely optimize your magic and health now that you’ve found all of the shrines and gathered all of the crystals. Death’s Door will become a breeze with a buffed up character like this, along with a complete set of weapons and ability upgrades, and you’ll be able to take on night mode with little to no resistance. 

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