The Boston Celtics and Dallas Mavericks were reportedly in talks for a trade that would send Paul Pierce to the Mavs, but Danny Ainge has shot down the reported deal.

The mark cuban nationality is a bit of an odd one. Cuban was talking about the potential trade that would have sent Paul Pierce to the Celtics in exchange for Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry. Danny Ainge, however, shot down that version of the near-trade and said it never happened.

It was just a matter of time after Paul Pierce was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame on Saturday before all the Pierce tales were recounted. According to one report, Mark Cuban said that the Mavericks had a “deal done” to acquire the Boston Celtics player after the 2007-08 season. Former Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge publicly debunked Cuban’s tale, claiming that none of it actually occurred.

Mark Cuban said the Mavericks were close to completing a deal for Paul Pierce.

It will get better. We had reached an agreement. We completed a three-way transaction. All of the teams agreed to their respective halves of the bargain. When we got on the trade line, the third club canceled the deal because they didn’t realize the Celtics were getting a first. They decided not to go through with the transaction at all.

September 7, 2021 — Mark Cuban (@mcuban)

With all of Boston’s losses, Pierce was becoming irritated. Despite Pierce averaged more than 26 points per game during the 2005-06 season, the Celtics finished 33-49. Things worsened the next season, as Boston only managed 24 victories. Pierce met Cuban in Las Vegas and pitched himself to the Mavs owner, saying, “I’m your missing piece,” according to Sports Illustrated.

Pierce told SI, “I’m in my prime, and I’m watching all these other players in the playoffs.” “It was a sad experience. I thought I’d made it out. “I was sure it was over.”

Ainge, on the other hand, went the opposite way. He made the decision to construct the structure around Pierce. The Celtics won the 2008 NBA Finals thanks to Ainge’s acquisitions of Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen.

When the Sports Illustrated story came out last week, Cuban responded on Twitter, claiming there was more to that encounter with Pierce in Vegas than just that.

“It gets better,” Cuban wrote. “We worked out a deal. We completed a three-way transaction. All of the teams agreed to their respective halves of the bargain. When we got on the trade line, the third club canceled the deal because they didn’t realize the Celtics were getting a first. They decided not to go through with the deal.”

“In reaction to the comments,” he said. This occurred after 2008.”

Mark Cuban’s three-way trade discussion was knocked down by Danny Ainge.


Danny-Ainge-1-1024x833 On February 13, 2020, in Boston, Massachusetts, former Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge laughs during the first quarter of an NBA game against the Los Angeles Clippers at the TD Garden. | Matt Stone/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald

In 2013, the Celtics sold an elderly Pierce and Garnett to the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for a slew of draft choices. Ainge said that he was unaware of Cuban’s account of the transaction.

After Cuban’s remarks, Ainge talked with Mass Live in an exclusive interview regarding the potential deal. The following question was posed to Ainge: After Boston’s 2008 championship, Mark Cuban tweeted that the Mavericks had a deal to get Pierce, but a third club dropped out at the last minute. Have you considered trading Paul before the Nets’ blockbuster?

“At that time, we were never close to dealing Paul,” Ainge added. “It never occurred like that. That is something I don’t recall. It didn’t happen, in my opinion.

“I’m sure we’ve never had a trade call with Paul Pierce. Nothing has ever come close, as far as I’m aware. Although there was considerable discussion, we were never close to dealing Paul at the time. We were competing for championships at the time. Our squad was led by Paul, who served as captain. I’m not sure what Mark is talking about, but it didn’t happen.”

In 2007, Danny Ainge warned Pierce that if they couldn’t develop around him, they’d seek to transfer him.

Pierce was a favorite of Ainge’s. He wanted to retain him, but he was aware that Pierce was becoming irritated by the string of defeats. Ainge sat down with his celebrity and was very open and honest with him.

“I believe everyone in 2007 remembers the story,” Ainge told Mass Live. “When Paul was injured, we sat down with him and told him that we thought he’d been a wonderful teammate and a tremendous solider for the Celtics, and that he deserved a chance to win, and that we’d do all we could to put a winning team together.

“If we couldn’t, we’d attempt to find another location, but our objective was to try to form a team around him.”

“This was after 2008,” Cuban said in his tweet. It’s unclear if he meant after the 2008 season or in the years following 2008. The Celtics did make it back to the Finals two years later, so it’s hard to imagine Ainge was contemplating trading Pierce during that time period.

In any event, Ainge said that he had no knowledge of the three-way agreement. Everything worked out perfectly for Pierce and the Celtics.

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