Dak Prescott and the Cowboys Just Saw Their Super Bowl Dreams Vanish Over a Risky Bribe Attempt

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most storied franchises in football, but their recent history has been anything but. In fact, they haven’t even made it to a Super Bowl since 1995.

The blogging the boys is a blog that covers the Dallas Cowboys. Dak Prescott and the Cowboys just saw their Super Bowl dreams vanish over a risky bribe attempt.

Every year, the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott are held to the same high standards.

The Cowboys are often mentioned as Super Bowl candidates, owing to Jerry Jones’ strong desire to win and the organization’s continuing claim to be “America’s Team.” Reality, on the other hand, often behaves in an unexpected manner. Prescott has yet to play in an NFC Championship Game, and the Cowboys haven’t gone to the Super Bowl since 1995.

Following the newest news on a member of the Cowboys’ offensive line, their Super Bowl hopes will have to be postponed.

RT for the Cowboys La’el Collins tried to bribe an NFL official with a bribe.

Cowboys right tackle La’el Collins allegedly attempted to bribe an NFL drug tester, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Collins has previously been suspended for failing to take drug tests. However, the ban was increased from two to five games as a result of the new allegations.

According to ESPN, Dallas Cowboys right tackle La’el Collins was banned for attempting to bribe the league’s drug-test collector…

The NFL was planning to punish Collins for five games for his conduct at first, but the NFL Players Association, which was aware of the planned five-game sentence, helped negotiate a reduction to a two-game suspension.

Collins, on the other hand, filed an appeal, which was heard by an arbitrator chosen jointly by the NFL and the NFLPA. Collins’ appeal was denied, and the arbitrator decided that the ban should be extended back to the original five games based on the evidence.

ESPN.com’s Adam Schefter

An NFL quarterback’s loss of a starting tackle is never good news. Prescott will have to play at least five games with a weakened right side. Furthermore, if this attempted bribery is any indication, Collins may be suspended for further time later this year.

Dak Prescott’s RT may be gone for more than five games.

Dak Prescott playing for the Dallas Cowboys.

Dak Prescott playing for the Dallas Cowboys. Harry How/Getty Images/Dak Prescott

If Collins’ ban is not reduced, he will be able to return to the Cowboys on Oct. 18. However, if he wants to return to the NFL once his ban is up, he will have to pass an NFL-sanctioned drug test.

Collins, for whatever reason, is refusing to do so.

Collins failed seven drug tests over the summer, according to the same Schefter story. His first two-game ban was due to this. While it’s inappropriate to make conclusions about a person’s drug usage, it’s plausible to believe Collins skipped these tests for a particular purpose. According to previous comparable cases, the explanation is usually because the gamer is actively using a drug that would lead them to fail a test.

In the NFL, PED (performance-enhancing drug) use is widespread; for what it’s worth, many players will take foreign drugs to get an advantage on the field. This isn’t to imply Collins was acting in this manner. If he wants to return to guarding Prescott this season, whatever drug he was possibly attempting to conceal will have to be out of his system the next time he’s tested.

What this means for Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and his team

Dak Prescott enters the game to the loudest applause of the night. This will be his first start at home since his season was cut short due to an ankle injury in October. twitter.com/DkTJjRw1Uh

September 27, 2021 — Jon Machota (@jonmachota)

Prescott’s life has just become considerably more difficult in the future. The veteran quarterback is already dealing with a strained shoulder and a freshly rehabbed ankle. He doesn’t need a shaky offensive line that allows him to get hit more often.

Prescott is under a tremendous amount of pressure to do well. That pressure will be increased if Collins does not return.

It’s a really tangled issue. It adds intrigue and consternation to a squad that already had low Super Bowl chances.

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The dallas cowboys record 2020 is a story about how Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys just saw their Super Bowl dreams vanish over a risky bribe attempt.

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