Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Is ‘Scared to Death’ for a Legitimate Reason

We could all use a little extra confidence and bravado now and then. But it’s one thing that comes and goes in waves. After his team lost to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday Night Football, Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones said that he was “scared to death” as to why his team lost, but that he would “take it and worry about it later.” In the Twitter thread that followed, he explained that he was thinking about how the team had prepared for the game and was concerned that they had not been preparing correctly. He also admitted to being a little nervous, since he is notorious for getting overly excited and talking too much.

In a very public fashion, the Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, has gone on record in criticizing the National Anthem protests that have popped up in the NFL over the last two seasons. In the latest round of criticism, Jones took aim at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL Players Association, saying they were “making a mockery of the flag” and showing “no respect” for the military, which has been stretched thin in combat against ISIS. The criticism has been called hypocritical by some, since Jones’ Cowboys play a military-themed song before each game that has been called “a tribute to the troops.”

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was no doubt excited about the prospect of his team winning their first Super Bowl in 20 years, but he may have been much more excited about the prospect of his two-year-old daughter, Jerry Jr., winning an ice cream cone. ESPN reported that Jones, who went missing for more than an hour during the game, was gone so long that his daughter was forced to drink from the milk carton she had been holding during the game. Jones later told reporters that his daughter had taken a liking to the carton and he was afraid she would eat her hand.. Read more about dallas cowboys owner and let us know what you think.

Jerry Jones was initially frightened of owning the Dallas Cowboys in 1989, when he took over a once-proud team that had fallen on bad straits.

After 20 years of winning records, Jones spent $150 million for a club that missed the playoffs four times in a row. The financial investment was substantial. Jones’ entire wealth was built on the ephemeral oil and gas sector, which was never more than a recession away from collapse.

According to Forbes, no club will be more valuable in 2021 than the Cowboys, yet Jones remains fearful.

The Dallas Cowboys have had a terrible season.

Owner Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys attends training camp at River Ridge Complex on July 24, 2021, in Oxnard, California. | Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Owner Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys attends training camp at River Ridge Complex on July 24, 2021, in Oxnard, California. | Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images On July 24, 2021, in Oxnard, California, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones visits training camp at River Ridge Complex. | Getty Images/Jayne Kamin-Oncea

For the second time, the NFL is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic’s difficulties. Most offseason work was abandoned a year ago, and clubs practiced preseason at their training facilities. Despite postponements caused by positive viral testing, the league was able to complete a full season despite canceling the exhibition program.

Jones and his crew were not comforted by the fact that they were able to complete a full season. The Cowboys’ owner lost millions of dollars in game-day income for every home game they played with little attendance.

The loss of quarterback Dak Prescott to a horrific ankle injury less than a month into the season set the tone for a 6-10 record in the NFL’s worst division. Jones lost every other element of ownership that made owning the Cowboys enjoyable and exciting for him because of the epidemic.

Jerry Jones describes what it’s like to be “scared to death.”

The annual training camp in Oxnard, California, to kick off the 2021 preseason lifts Jones’ spirits and re-ignites whatever competitive spirit that COVID-19 dampened last year.

According to The Star-Telegram, Jones said, “I feel as motivated as I did when I first purchased the club.” “I was terrified then, and I’m still terrified today. I’m concerned about what’s going on in the economy, the COVID, and about our position in it, in the NFL, and in sports in general.

“But the thing that matters most to me, and I could be anywhere in the world right now, is to be here. I’d want to be a part of our team.”

According to Jones, the Cowboys’ front-line members have been vaccinated at a rate of around 70%. In order to qualify for decreased limitations during the preseason, they must reach an 85 percent completion rate. This would be a significant step on the path back to normality.

However, he is aware that the epidemic is still present.

Jerry Jones’ competitiveness hasn’t waned.

Jones and Jimmy Johnson spent two seasons rebuilding the Cowboys after buying them. After making the playoffs in 1991, they went on to win Super Bowls in 1992, 1993, and 1995. Since then, they haven’t played in a conference title game.

Jones has already said that if it meant returning his team to the Super Bowl, he would write a cheque. Nothing has changed in that regard.

“The realities are that right now, if I could and thought I had a decent chance of getting in a Super Bowl, I would do everything known to man to get in one. That is a proven truth. Nothing else, in my opinion, takes precedence over that.”

Coming off a 6-10 season, it isn’t entirely feasible. It wouldn’t take much to win the NFC East, but getting to Super Bowl 56 seems to be too big of a challenge right now.

Jones said, “It’s a better world to be naive than to be suspicious and pessimistic all the time.” “I believe I do my best work when the mood is more upbeat. “It has to be promising.”

Positive and hopeful thoughts always win out over fear.

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