Core Keeper: How to Get a Broken Handle for the Rune Song

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a handle for your basketball, baseball or golf club break. It may seem like the fun is gone with that broken piece of metal, but it doesn’t have to be that way! With just a few household items and some time you can m…



To make the Rune Song, one of Core Keeper’s greatest weapons, you’ll need a Broken Handle. The processes to get this weapon are lengthy and, in the end, rely heavily on chance.

You must first have the Caveling Merchant NPC move into your base and sell you Rune Parchment before you may manufacture the Rune Song. To tempt the Caveling Merchant to move in, fight Ghorm the Devourer and make a livable space for NPCs, then install a Mysterious Idol in the room.

The following are the complete prerequisites for making the Rune Song:

  • 1 Handle Is Broken
  • 1 shattered blade
  • 1 transparent gemstone
  • 10 Prehistoric Gemstones
  • Iron Bar 50

Except for the Ancient Gemstones, they’re all a little difficult to come by.

In Core Keeper, how do you fix a broken handle?

There aren’t many options for obtaining this item. Fortunately, you’ll only need one unless you’re also assisting your pals in obtaining their Rune Songs.

It has a slight probability of being dropped by both the Hive Mother and Azeos the Sky Titan. These choices may seem to be the most time-consuming at first, but they are the most dependable – Azeos in particular may be a good source.

Because the only other ways to get a Broken Handle are to discover them in chests in the Clay Caves, the Forgotten Ruins, or Azeos’ Wilderness; or to find them in mazes in the Forgotten Ruins or Azeos’ Wilderness.

Despite everything else, the burden of obtaining all the components for the Rune Song is definitely worth it since it heals you on-hit and has a 15% chance of killing any adversary with fewer HP than you. That’s before you consider its damage, which ranges from 204 to 248 damage each hit.

That’s all you need to know about earning a Broken Handle for the Rune Song in Core Keeper, as well as why you should. Check out our other Core Keeper tutorials, including how to collect Scarlet Ore and where to discover Giant Mushrooms.

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