The most common way to catch a cheater is by using an electronic device to detect a player’s heartbeat. This technology, called Electrocardiogram, is widely used in fitness clubs and gyms. However, there is a cheaper, and more effective way to catch cheaters, and it may seem strange.

It is one of the most common questions we hear in the bunker: “How do we use traps?” The answer is simple, but it’s not so easy to implement. The first thing to understand is that a trap is only as good as the bait you use to set it off. Bait needs to be solid—especially for ones that are triggered by vibration.

We have all heard of the Chernobyl disaster, which took place on April 26th, 1986 in Ukraine. Our author is attempting to teach the unsuspecting public how to protect themselves from this very real danger. In Chernobylite, the reader will learn how to build traps to catch escaping radiation, and how these traps work.



Chernobylite players will live and die based on how clever they are, not only in a metaphorical sense, as in any survival game. Sure, fast thinking helps, but in Chernobylite, utilizing traps is one method for players to prepare ahead and halt the opponent in their tracks before they’re swamped.

We’ll show you how to set traps in Chernobylite, what each one accomplishes, and what you’ll need to construct them in this tutorial.

How to Use Chernobylite Traps

In Chernobylite, there are six different types of traps, each with its own purpose that you’ll need to learn in order to get the upper hand. 

Traps may only be constructed when on a task. That’s not a problem, however, since your foundation is already secure. Open your crafting menu (B on keyboard, back button on controller) while on a quest to view the traps menu straight immediately.

When you open it, you’ll discover six distinct traps, each of which may be constructed if you have the necessary materials. Here’s how to identify each trap, what it does, and how much it will cost you.


  • 1 electronic component
  • 1 flammable component

Fireworks are employed as a deterrent, either to entice adversaries away from or to entice them to a location. They go off 10 seconds after they’ve been deployed. Humans and monsters are both vulnerable to fireworks.

Explosive Laser Trap

  • 1 electronic component
  • 1 flammable component

The Laser Explosive Trap works like a tripwire, exploding and wreaking havoc on anything that triggers it. It works against both people and monsters.


The Landmine is fairly self-explanatory. Simply put it where you want things to go boom, then wait for an opponent to walk over it. The Landmine, like most other traps, is useful against both people and monsters.

Trap with Electroshocks

  • 1 electronic component
  • 1 flammable component

Isn’t the name a little self-evident? The Electroshocking Trap will give electrical harm to anybody who sets it off by capturing its detonator in a limited radius. It is solely effective against humans.

Trap of Assimilation

When triggered, the Assimilating Trap acts as a life-draining device, taking the energy of any lifeforms within its radius for the time. It’s also the only trap in the game that only works on monsters.

Trap with a Direction

  • 1 mechanical component
  • 1 electronic component
  • 1 flammable component

You’re probably familiar with the Directional Trap as the turret cannon. If you prop this weapon up against a bottleneck, it will annihilate everyone who comes into its sights without you having to move a finger. It works against both people and monsters.

Keep in mind that all traps display their regions of impact before you set them, enabling you to strategically position them. If you’re in stealth mode, keep in mind that setting traps appears to alert nearby opponents, so avoid getting too close to the NAR or monsters while attempting to lure them into one of your traps.

Without ever equipping a pistol or using a chokehold, you might find yourself using traps to cleanse maps of opponents with little planning and a decent Pied Piper routine. Wishing you luck, stalkers!

In the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster, the Soviet Union decided to seal off the site of the nuclear power plant, trapping hundreds of animals in the ensuing years. Sadly, the radiation from the plant and the thousands of homeless animals have killed all but a handful of the animals in the area. Now, the area is a popular hiking destination for tourists, but it’s hard to find any information on the location.. Read more about chernobylite all clues and let us know what you think.

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