The Cardinals have been on a tear recently, and they’re only one win away from clinching the division. As a result, my Twitter timeline has been cluttered with trade requests for starting pitcher Chandler Jones, who is well overpaid, and dealing with a shoulder injury.

Chandler Jones’ trade request has perplexed the entire sports world, and I’m here to tell you why. It makes no sense. Every reason Jones gave for leaving the Cardinals and joining the Patriots last week is a non-starter. The Cardinals first made the deal to acquire Jones when they were in the top of the draft, and they’ve been able to use him as an impact player since then. Jones has flashed potential on a new level this year, and the Cardinals should be thrilled to have him on the team.

As of today, Chandler Jones is a member of the Arizona Cardinals. If the Cardinals will keep him on the roster this season, it will be the end of his tenure with the team. Good riddance. The Cardinals’ new defensive scheme requires more personnel in the front seven, and Jones’ poor play and lack of production during the past two seasons makes him a liability.

Chandler Jones, the Arizona Cardinals’ top edge rusher, voiced his dissatisfaction at the oddest of moments.

The Cardinals and general manager Steve Keim made a number of moves this summer that may help them establish themselves as a genuine NFC West contender. The signing of star defensive lineman J.J. Watt by Keim was the biggest surprise of the summer. In exchange for Pro Bowl center Rodney Hudson, he signed veteran cornerback Malcolm Butler and former Pro Bowl wide out A.J. Green.

All of these changes should help a Cardinals club that could be dangerous with Kyler Murray at the helm of a potentially explosive attack. Jones, who has long been the cornerstone of the Cardinals’ defense, is dissatisfied with his position inside the club.

Jones must put his pride aside and concentrate on assisting Arizona on the field.

Chandler Jones asked the Arizona Cardinals for a trade over the summer.

Jones’ annoyance seems to be related to his contract predicament.

Jones, according to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, is dissatisfied with his deal, which is why he has skipped summer workouts. Jones is expected to go to camp, according to Fowler, but it’s unclear if Arizona feels obligated to give him additional money.

Jones is due $15.5 million in the last season of his current contract in 2021. It’s possible that Jones is irritated because the Cardinals haven’t made much of an attempt to extend him, but it’s more probable that he’s upset by the money.

In recent seasons, a number of outstanding defensive lineman have received lucrative contracts. Joey Bosa ($135 million) and Myles Garrett ($125 million) are two examples of edge rushers. Jones, like Bosa and Garrett, may seek to be compensated at a higher yearly average based on previous performance.

The two-time All-Pro has a strong case. In each of his first four seasons with the Cardinals, Jones recorded at least 11.0 sacks. In 2019, he racked up 19.0 sacks and led the NFL with eight forced fumbles.

Jones, on the other hand, isn’t growing any younger. In February, he will be 32, and he missed 11 games last season due to a biceps issue.

It’s strange how the trade proposal came at such a strange time.

Jones’ desire for a trade this summer is a little strange, given the Cardinals’ apparent trajectory.

It’s not ideal for athletes to be faced with the uncertainty of a contract that is about to expire. Jones, on the other hand, should be pleased with Arizona’s present position. Furthermore, he may be on his way to having his finest year ever.

The Cardinals now have a scary defensive front with the acquisition of Watt. Watt can play on the inside or on the outside, providing the Cardinals the option to use a variety of looks. His presence could deflect some of the spotlight away from Jones, giving the three-time Pro Bowler more one-on-one opportunities.

Arizona has a potential to be as good as they’ve ever been since Jones arrived in the desert, and their defense may be significantly better. Jones should be overjoyed with this.

There is still time to make things right.

Arizona Cardinals star Chandler Jones celebrates a fumble recovery during a game in September.

Arizona Cardinals star Chandler Jones celebrates a fumble recovery during a game in September. Chandler Jones and the Arizona Cardinals have time to mend their friendship | Norm Hall/Getty Images

The Cardinals, according to Fowler, have no interest in dealing Jones. Jones is also regarded in high regard inside the company, according to a source.

In other words, the two parties still have time to sort things out.

Jones can demonstrate his value by remaining healthy and having a strong season, which would pique the Cardinals’ interest in re-signing him. Given his previous injuries and the fact that the club recently gave large contracts to DeAndre Hopkins and Budda Baker, it’s difficult for Arizona to justify paying him a lot of money.

The Cardinals will most likely hope Jones can put his personal issues aside and help the club compete in a crowded division. This would very certainly result in greater harmony for all parties involved.

Pro Football Reference provided the statistics. Over The Cap provided contract information.

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