Calvin Johnson Ripped the Detroit Lions for Allegedly Treating Him and Matthew Stafford Differently

The Detroit Lions are now a major online news topic after Calvin Johnson’s market value was reduced by $7 million due to his contract dispute, and for allegedly treating him and Matthew Stafford different. Lions fans are upset with coach Jim Schwartz and the front office for allowing this to happen, because Calvin is the best player on the team and Matthew Stafford is the franchise quarterback. Lions fans are now calling the team the “Detroit Failers” because of this. This is a major distraction for the Lions and they need to act fast to move forward.

While Matt Stafford is the starting quarterback of the Detroit Lions, Calvin Johnson is a former All-Pro wide receiver who reportedly has beef with his former team. Last month, Johnson spoke with’s Michael Silver, expressing his displeasure with the Lions, stating that “This is the type of stuff you’ve got to take up with the front office.” The issue seems to be that Stafford and Johnson are being treated differently and treated unfairly. Stafford was the first quarterback in NFL history to have at least 30 touchdowns and 5,000 passing yards in his first two seasons. Stafford’s deep ball ability is currently second to none in the NFL, and it’s a very good thing that Stafford and the Lions have gotten off to such a strong start in the

Calvin Johnson is a star wide receiver for the Detroit Lions. He was a first round draft pick by the Lions back in 2007. After several years with the Lions, Johnson was traded to the Seattle Seahawks in 2014. This offseason, Johnson signed a four-year, $64 million contract with the Detroit Lions. The contract was viewed as a good deal for Johnson, because it included $41 million in guaranteed money, which was several million more than the Lions were offering to pay him. Johnson signed it and was excited about playing for his hometown team. According to a new report, however, Johnson is unhappy with the way he and quarterback Matthew Stafford are being treated by the Lions organization, and he has decided to take his talents elsewhere.

In recent years, Calvin Johnson has had a bitter feud with the Detroit Lions. Now Matthew Stafford is involved through no fault of his own.

Stafford, who now plays for the Rams, did not volunteer for a controversy with his former team and retired star receiver. Instead, it was Johnson who, in a recent interview discussing his relationship with the Lions, once again threw his former team under the bus.

Calvin Johnson still disappointed about Detroit Lions game

Legendary Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson has condemned his former team for treating him and Matthew Stafford differently | Leon Halip/Getty Images

Even as he prepares to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Johnson is still thinking about the Lions.

In a recent interview with Woodward Sports, the eight-time Pro Bowl winner criticized the Lions for the way they handled the end of his career. Johnson said the Lions turned down his trade request, but worked with Stafford and found a new home for the former first-round pick earlier this year.

Johnson explained how he and his agent asked the Lions to let him go or trade him after the 2015 season. The Lions refused, and their star receiver retired in the spring of 2016. Of course, when the Lions honored Stafford’s request and sent him to the Rams, events left his former teammate frustrated.

You know what, it sucks that they didn’t let me go, but they let Matthew go, but hey, you know, it is what it is. I’m not mad at Matthew, I love Matthew.

Calvin Johnson

Johnson said there is no positive news in his relationship with the Lions. He disagreed when the team demanded he return $1.6 million of his contract bonus when he resigned in 2016, and the parties never reconciled.

It would be nice if they tried to find a solution, but it’s neither, Johnson said. I’m always there to support the players. Here’s the deal. I support the players.

Johnson said he was keeping his fingers crossed for Stafford and the Rams

Johnson wanted it known that he had no problem with Stafford, his teammate from 2009 to 2015, despite his attitude at the helm of the Lions.

The former All-Pro receiver said he spoke with Stafford recently and they got along well. Johnson said the quarterback is happy in California and continues to look forward to his opportunity with the Rams.

If he’s comfortable, he’s right where he is, Johnson said of Stafford. So we can only expect good things from him. I’m looking forward to meeting him.

Stafford and the Rams open the 2021 season against the Chicago Bears on Sunday the 12th. September. Sunday, the 24th. In October, the Rams host the Lions, whose quarterback is now Jared Goff.

Lions must compromise and make peace with Johnson

Johnson will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in August 2021 for all he has accomplished as a member of the Lions.

If the new Lions regime is smart, they will eventually compromise with Johnson. It doesn’t make sense for an NFL franchise to throw away a relationship with one of the greatest players in league history for less than $2 million.

Life is too short, and Johnson put the ball in the Lions’ corner. So far, at least according to Johnson, the Lions remain stubborn and unwilling to improve their relationship. But whether the team eventually finds common ground is another story.

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