Getting tired of futuristic warfare and zombies? That’s no surprise. After all, the Call of Duty franchise has basically been on a futuristic, apocalyptic loop since 2007’s Modern Warfare.  Season 4 of Call of Duty: Mobile is looking to shake things up in a big way, with a new Wild West theme that’s a refreshing change of pace.  As a matter of fact, there’s no Call of Duty title on the horizon that’s looking to be as different as Mobile’s newest version.

Season 4 of Call of Duty: Mobile is now available! It introduces a new gameplay mode, new characters and new weapons. If you’re new to Call of Duty: Mobile, Season 4 is a great time to start since you can unlock these new rewards as you play. With the introduction of the new Quickdraw class, gameplay is faster than ever before. The Quickdraw class can immediately kill enemies at close range and has the ability to run faster than the other classes.

Call of Duty: Mobile surprised the gaming world in August when they released the new Season 4 update for the game, which included a new theme featuring the Wild West. Following on from the success of the previous seasons, which included World War I, Modern Warfare and the near-future of Season 3, it was a smart move by the development team to move away from the modern military feel. To celebrate the launch of the new content, the development team released three new guns for players to use, including the Winchester Repeater, the Buffalo Rifle and the All-American Semi-Auto Shotgun.

word-image-10489 Call of Duty : The latest season update ofMobilehas a theme that goes beyond the knowledge of action heroes from the 80s with the classic ipi-cai! of John McClane. Start: Wednesday, May 26 at 17.00. PT, players can don their cowboy boots and spurs on the new Spurned and Burned Season 4 theme. Updated 1v1 Duel mode, Capture the Gold multiplayer mode andModern Warfare 3game map, Dome. The new Duel 1v1 mode is an enhanced version that will be available for one day (May 26). Here, players have unlimited ammo and fight in western fashion. Capture the Gold is another mode that will be available for a limited time. The players hunt for gold, not the flag like in the Wild West. The new season update also includes a new leaderboard season for those looking for even more challenges, as well as Clan Wars, a new competitive event that will run alongside the leaderboard series. Clans can compete for prizes, earn clan currency, and then use it to buy special items to compete in the event. Later, on the 11th. In June, players can participate in another new event called High Noon Chase, where you form a group to hunt down rogue bank robbers. For full details on the other new features of the new season update, check out the blog post on the official Call of Duty website here.

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