Bright Memory Infinite: How to Use Special Ammo

Bright Memory Infinite is a cross-platform first person shooter (FPS) developed by Polyarc. With an emphasis on immersion and player’s reflexes, it features special ammo like the Elusive Heat Ammo that has players race against time as they shoot their enemies before they disappear forever.

The “bright memory: infinite release date” is a new game that was released on the Nintendo Switch. The game has been met with mixed reviews, but it’s still worth checking out.



Bright Memory Infinite introduces additional special ammunition, as well as a more extensive campaign than the previous game. Special ammunition is now an essential aspect of the game, serving as an additional fire mode for each gun. Continue reading to learn more.

In Bright Memory Infinite, find and use special ammo.

In Bright Memory Infinite, there are four distinct firearms to choose from, each with its own set of unique ammo:

  • The assault rifle is equipped with homing bullets.
  • An incendiary discharge from the shotgun
  • An explosive shot from the pistol
  • Sticky grenades for the sniper rifle

To change shooting modes, just press the correct key or button control; on the PC, the default key is B, while on the controller, the default is up on the D-pad. 

The catch, of course, is that you’ll need special ammunition to utilize it, and the only way to get it is to discover it spread throughout the area.

Keep a watch out for ammunition crates strewn over the area. These are commonly seen before and after major fights, and they’re rather simple to detect since they shine to make them stand out. There isn’t any other way to get your special ammunition back. 

It’s also worth noting that you may improve the effectiveness of special munitions by buying upgrades in the Skill Enhancements System, which cost one Reliquary apiece. Collectibles may also be discovered throughout the game’s setting. 

Keep an eye out for Gameskinny for more Bright Memory Infinite instructions in the future. 

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