As Blake Griffin prepares to play in his first NBA game as a member of the Brooklyn Nets, the face of the franchise is also searching for a place to fit in: “I’m still trying to fit in a little bit better, and trying to play the right way,” Griffin told reporters, “Just trying to fit in with everybody.”

As the Los Angeles Clippers look to continue their hot streak, they have picked up two new players, Blake Griffin and Kent Bazemore, who will be joining them on the upcoming road trip to Utah and San Antonio.

When the Los Angeles Clippers traded for Blake Griffin last summer, the move seemed to make sense for a couple of reasons. First, the 25-year-old was the face of the Clippers franchise with a huge contract and a high profile that would bring fans to the Staples Center; and second, he was an emerging superstar who could help the young team move in the right direction. But after just one season in LA, Griffin has found himself in a new situation, one that doesn’t seem to be in his favor. After taking his game to new heights last season, the 6-foot-10 forward is struggling to fit in with the younger, more athletic super stars in the young and talented Oklahoma City Thunder lineup. From an outsider’s. Read more about when will kd return and let us know what you think.

Blake Griffin has plenty of accolades; he’s a six-time NBA All-Star and a consistent selection of the All-NBA team. But there’s one honor that keeps eluding him: an NBA Championship. Joining the explosive Los Angeles Clippers in 2009, Griffin & Co. were often favored to go the distance, but the team couldn’t capitalize.

Griffin was looking for a club where he might win a championship ring due to injuries, a trade to the Detroit Pistons, and poor performance. His arrival as a member of a formidable Brooklyn Nets squad presents him with a fantastic chance to finally achieve his ambition. 

Blake Griffin joins the Brooklyn Nets as a free agent.

During Griffin’s time with the Los Angeles Clippers, the club was often included in NBA championship predictions. Injuries, poor play, and terrible luck have left him and his colleagues without a ring.

Fans thought the former Rookie of the Year had enough gas left in the tank to make an impact after a stunning deal that brought him to the Detroit Pistons. It was not to be. The Pistons were one of the weakest teams in the NBA, and Griffin’s body didn’t seem to be capable of much more after a series of injuries.

The Brooklyn Nets have arrived. The Nets were one of the favorites to win it all, with superstars Kyrie Irving, James Harden, and Kevin Durant already in the roster. Griffin took notice and joined the club in March 2021. His performance improved almost instantly, leaving Detroit supporters perplexed as to where this Griffin had been throughout his tenure with the club. 

Assimilation with the Nets

James Harden and Blake Griffin of the Brooklyn Nets celebrate a win

James Harden and Blake Griffin of the Brooklyn Nets celebrate a win James Harden and Blake Griffin of the Brooklyn Nets | Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Griffin’s move to the Nets was a significant one. He was no longer the focal point, the cornerstone of the squad. Instead, he was supposed to come off the bench and offer a spark. While other players may be nervous about joining a club in the middle of the season, Griffin was unfazed.

“It’s always simple to play alongside excellent basketball players,” he told GQ. That, I believe, is what has made the changeover so smooth. Just how excellent these people are — and what I’ve learned from them, I believe. You just sort of know how to blend in a little bit better after playing 11 years and experiencing a lot of different scenarios, like I said earlier.”

Griffin believes his age and experience helped him blend in with the Nets’ players. In the same interview, he said that he is more patient, which he attributes to his ability to work well with the team. “Patience is the difference between today and when I initially started in the league for me.”

In 2021, how did the Brooklyn Nets do in the playoffs?

“The beauty of our job is that we wake up every day and keep going…we prepare for the following year.”

KD, James, Blake, Jeff, Bruce, and Joe are anticipating the future.

June 20, 2021 — Brooklyn Nets (@BrooklynNets)

The Nets made it to the playoffs, and were considered one of the favorites to win it all, but it didn’t work out. The eventual NBA champion Milwaukee Bucks knocked them out in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. The show included a slew of celebrities and had viewers on the edge of their seats. Kevin Durant scored 48 points for the Nets in Game 7, which was a nail-biter. According to CBS New York, Giannis Antetokounmpo led the Bucks with 40 points and 13 rebounds.

Griffin aided the Bucks throughout the playoffs, even if they lost the game in overtime. He appeared in 12 playoff games, averaging nine points and 5.9 rebounds, according to ESPN. Griffin, who was supposed to be a backup, started a flurry of games toward the conclusion of the regular season and even into the playoffs. He was instrumental in the Nets’ playoff run, making shots, rebounding, and chasing down loose balls when required.  

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