This past week, Philadelphia 76ers rookie Ben Simmons had a rough time of it against the Boston Celtics. With the game tied at 111 apiece in the fourth quarter, Celtics rookie Jaylen Brown was able to play an outstanding tight man-to-man defense on Simmons. Brown did not get the contact necessary to shut him down, but did his best. The Celtics entered the final quarter up by two, but Simmons was able to finish strong. In the end, Simmons was held to two points and almost seven rebounds in just over 30 minutes of playing time, while Brown outscored him by a single point.

Basketball is a game that is inherently simple. A player dribbles and shoots the ball until they score, while the defense tries to stop them from scoring. However, a basketball game is not played on a court, but in a lot of leagues and other competitive events. These games are played between teams of players, who want to be the winners of these competitions. In many of these games, the players score by trying to make baskets. However, in other games, like the one Ben Simmons is playing right now, the players score by making other players fall down and get the ball.

What a difference a month makes. Last month, we were covering the Cleveland Cavaliers, who were on a high after winning the NBA Finals and being crowned champs. With a roster full of All-Stars, they were poised to contend for years to come. But, then came the draft, and the Cavs were blindsided by the Philadelphia 76ers. In a storm of trades, Philly acquired Ben Simmons, who they gave up on to receive the No. 1 pick. In a series of trades, they were able to acquire Kris Dunn, the former Providence point guard, who was the No. 5 pick in the draft.. Read more about ben simmons trade and let us know what you think.

It’s been a frustrating week for the enigmatic Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers. His refusal to score at the end of Game 7 against the Atlanta Hawks led to the Eastern Conference team going home early. The experts are cooking Simmons. Analysts imagine all kinds of business scenarios.

Social media has made Simmons a popular target for years because of his general shooting problem – his inability to make three-point shots and his reluctance to even think about making them. But it’s one thing when fans overreact on social media. This is not the case when other professional sports organizations are involved. While Simmons theorizes about his lack of marksmanship, others criticize his desire to improve.

It wasn’t pretty when the Eastern Conference semifinals ended in Philadelphia.

Ben Simmons has taken his gun phobia to a whole new level


Since his only season at LSU in 2015-16, Ben Simmons has never looked for a jump shot. Even with a shorter line in the NCAA, Simmons has just three 3rd down attempts in 33 college games. He made one.

In the NBA, Simmons isn’t really Stephen Curry. Maybe he’s not even Tim Curry. His first three-pointer came at the 20th. November 2019 against the New York Knicks. It only took him 172 games to accomplish that. By comparison : Boban Marjanovic made his first 3. In the 176 game at his fourth career attempt. Bobeye is a 6-foot-4 giant who is not a candidate for the stretch-5 job.

In Philadelphia’s system, however, Simmons works as a point guard. In four seasons, he’s 5-of-34 from 3-point range. Simmons has two touchdowns in 34 postseason games. It didn’t work at first. He tried, he tried again. And that’s it.

But we have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous. So much so that even teams from other sports jumped on it.

Washington Nationals do everything they can

There are no three-point shots in baseball. But that didn’t stop the Washington Nationals team from having a blast at the expense of Ben Simmons during the afternoon game against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Note to Nationals social media team. It was a great performance, but baseball scores. No glasses. For your information.

That says a lot about the size of the target that Simmons now has on his back. Within seven days, he was thrown under the bus by his coach. Teammate Joel Embiid placed much of the blame for the series loss on Simmons. Sources within the 76ers organization spoke on condition of anonymity.

Now baseball teams are making their cuts. Friendly advice for Simmons: Stay away from social media for a while. For example, until your rider is repaired, or forever, whichever comes first.

Ben Simmons is going to have a tough offseason

Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers attempts a free throw. | Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Against the Hawks, Ben Simmons did not give up against shot attempts in the fourth quarter in five of seven games. The good news is that he went 3 for 3 in the fourth quarter. The bad news is that this statistic is for the entire series. Ouch.

Simmons also became unplayable offensively late in the game as his free throws got progressively worse. Simmons shot 59.7 percent from the line in his career during the regular season. This is not good at all. For someone who has the ball in his hands as often as Simmons? That is unacceptable.

Before the start of the playoffs this year, Simmons shot 65.3 percent from the line in 22 games. Against the Washington Wizards in the first round, however, Simmons made just 10 of 28 shots. That’s 35.7% for those without a calculator.

But that was just the beginning. Against Atlanta, Simmons performed a feat worthy of another Ben, Hall of Fame player Ben Wallace. Of players who missed at least 1,200 free throws, Wallace is the worst of the worst at 41.4 percent, according to Stat Muse. Simmons shot 15-for-45 in the Eastern Conference semifinals. Talk about missed free throws: Meat Loaf was wrong: Two of the three ‘s are ‘s bad. Honestly, it’s undeniably awful.

Can Ben Simmons be fixed? Is he willing to do what he needs to do to at least make a functional jump? Visions of the Larry O’Brien Trophy danced in the heads of the 76ers. They now have a tough summer ahead of them, which raises a lot of questions.

Statistics provided by Basketball Reference.The Philadelphia 76ers were demolished by the Boston Celtics on Monday night. The score was never in doubt. The Celtics won, but the big story was how. The leading scorer for the 76ers Ben Simmons was held to just 14 points in the game and was only half as efficient as his replacement, Dario Saric. Simmons was never on the floor to start the game, but once he returned he was able to rally his team to a 62-56 lead with 1 minute, 13 seconds remaining in the game. However, the Celtics guard Terry Rozier was able to make a key play to seal the game for Boston when he hit a straight out 3-pointer from the corner, and then later added a 3-pointer after driving the lane. Read more about ben simmons news and let us know what you think.

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