Baker Mayfield’s Shoulder Injury Was Far More Serious Than Anyone Realized, According to Case Keenum

Case Keenum, who was released by the Los Angeles Rams in order to sign with the Minnesota Vikings this offseason, believes that Baker Mayfield’s shoulder injury could have been much more serious than anyone realized.

Case Keenum, who was traded to the Denver Broncos this offseason, said that Baker Mayfield’s shoulder injury was far more serious than anyone realized. This is because of how important Mayfield is to the Browns and how much they need him for their offense. Read more in detail here: case keenum.

Baker Mayfield's Shoulder Injury Was Far More Serious Than Anyone Realized, According to Case Keenum

Baker Mayfield’s shoulder has been a topic of conversation in Cleveland all season. Early in the season, the controversial quarterback hurt his non-throwing shoulder and was forced to wear an unattractive harness for the rest of the season.

The Cleveland Browns, for the most part, found a way to put Mayfield in the starting lineup every week. Between Weeks 1 and 17, he only missed two starts.

The seriousness of Mayfield’s injuries was thrown into doubt as a result of this. Several fans and NFL commentators speculated that Mayfield’s shoulder injury was more of a ruse for him to justify his bad performance. One might argue that 2021 was Mayfield’s worst season in the NFL, and that anybody in his situation would be seeking for an explanation.

Browns quarterback Case Keenum gave some insight on Baker Mayfield’s injury woes.

“One of the gustiest, hardest performances from a quarterback in a season I’ve ever seen,” Case Keenum said of Baker. I know one of the hardest people I’ve ever met. He’s a fighter who shows up every day to battle. I had a great deal of regard for him, and it increased.” #Browns

January 5, 2022 — Jake Trotter (@Jake Trotter)

Following the Browns’ Week 17 defeat, Mayfield was placed on injured reserve, enabling him to have shoulder surgery. Most people understood the gravity of Mayfield’s predicament after hearing this. Case Keenum’s (Browns backup QB) words, on the other hand, clinched the deal.

When questioned about Mayfield, Keenum called him a “little miracle” for playing despite discomfort.

“One of the gutsiest, hardest quarterback performances I’ve ever seen in a season,” Keenum remarked. “He’s one of the hardest individuals I’ve ever met.” He’s a fighter who shows up every day to battle. I had a great deal of regard for him, and it increased.”

“There were a few weeks when getting [Mayfield] onto the field seemed like a tiny miracle.”

As someone who worked closely with Mayfield throughout the season, Keenum is well aware of the challenges the Browns’ starter faced on a daily basis. Mayfield’s shoulder issue was much more serious than we were lead to think.

Is Baker Mayfield’s shoulder to blame for his dismal performance?

Browns QB Baker Mayfield.

Browns QB Baker Mayfield. Joe Sargent/Getty Images/Baker Mayfield

If Mayfield’s shoulder was genuinely as bad as Keenum claims, it’s difficult to overlook the impact it had on his struggles this season.

Mayfield had also had an outstanding 2020 season the year before. As he developed physically and mentally, it was expected that he would continue to improve.

Mayfield, on the other hand, spent the most of 2021 navigating the NFL with a clumsy harness on his left arm. In these conditions, most quarterbacks would struggle.

What does the future hold for the Browns?

It would be silly for the Browns to transfer Baker or Stefanski.

Baker has been injured this season, and the offense lacks a true deep threat. Everyone will be “stunned” if they come back next year.

January 6, 2022 — Benjamin Allbright (@AllbrightNFL)

“What’s next?” is the top question on everyone’s lips in Cleveland as the 2021 season comes to a close.

Will Mayfield get shoulder surgery next season and be back to his 2020 self? Or will the Browns start searching for a QB elsewhere?

Is Mayfield even interested in returning to Cleveland? It’s difficult to see him not being irritated by having to play the whole season with a severely wounded shoulder. A more safety-conscious corporation would have advised its quarterback to get surgery months ago.

In any case, Mayfield’s injury is a major concern for Cleveland and the rest of the NFL. His recovery will almost certainly impact what the Browns do at quarterback next season. It might also influence whether or not QB-needy clubs are interested in a Mayfield deal.

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