There are two new board games coming from Asmodee in 2015, from their Fantasy Flight division. The first, Innsmouth, is a game from the designer of the hit co-op game, Descent. The second, Ember Knights, is a very different game.

In the past year, Asmodee Games has announced a large number of board games: a multiplayer adaptation of Jumanji (2019), a board game based on the classic animated film, a board game called RoomMania, and now two new co-op board games: Ember Knights and Innoceted. Both games are playable by 2-6 players in 30 minutes apiece and look to be a lot of fun. I wasn’t able to play either game, but I did get to preview the artwork that we’ll see on the board.

The Boston-based game publisher has announced two games that utilize the popular co-op game mechanic: Ember Knights, an upcoming board game, and Innocents, designed by Brain Toys, a board game studio from Portland, OR.

word-image-4831 Although publisher Asmodee is best known for releasing popular board games such as Catan, Arkham Horror, and Munchkin from desktop to computer and other platforms, it also collaborates with many independent developers on original projects. The latest games in this series focus heavily on cooperative multiplayer. Ember Knights is first on the agenda. Although the thumbnail of the announcement trailer below makes the Knights of Ember look cute, they are clearly evil fighting machines that use swords, bows, magic and anything else they can get their hands on to destroy their enemies. As described by Asmodee and developer Tiny Titans Studios, Ember Knightsis a procedurally generated action game that, like Enter the Gungeon and Hades, is played from a semi-vertical perspective. Tiny Titans promises that players can choose from a variety of weapons, upgrade their skills, and fight a variety of bosses in a procedurally generated environment. The game supports up to four players in local and online multiplayer. Ember Knights will be released in early access in the fall, but the exact date has not yet been set. The game will be released on PC and consoles at some point.

. Innchanted, from developer DragonBear, is also a pretty cute adventure, but instead of battles, it focuses on management, where players test their skills to run an inn and make drinks for guests. Of course, there are bad guys under the control of the evil wizard who should be afraid, because what would a business be without competitors? Innchanted also plays from a semi-vertical perspective, but is much more reminiscent of games likeOvercooked, right down to the art-style and overall design. It also supports 4-player cooperative play for local and online games and is more geared towards children and families.

. Pierre Ortolan, CEO of Asmodee, said the publisher was pleased to partner with Tiny Titans Studios and DragonBear to release two new multiplayer cooperative games. We are very excited to release these creative and colorful games from two extremely talented studios. As we expand our game offerings with new worlds to explore and stories to tell, it’s only fitting that these two new games are delightful cooperative games that also encourage other players to join in and bring the experience to life for all. By teaming up with Tiny Titans Studios and DragonBear Studios, we hope players will find their own partners for their adventures in the game. Both games reward common sense and quick decision-making, and their cooperative multiplayer focus makes them a fun and engaging experience to share with friends and family! Stay tuned to Ember Knights and Innchanted for more information and upcoming release dates. Ember Knights can be added to Steam wishlists here and Innchanted here. Additionally, Ember Knights is currently available as a free demo on Steam to preview the game.Asmodee is no stranger to the crowd-funding scene, with their first ever campaign back in 2013 for their boxed game selection, bringing us more than 50 different titles. This year the publisher kicked off their next campaign, the Asmodee Indie Selections, which will deliver two indie games to backers in two different ways.. Read more about non competitive board games for adults and let us know what you think.

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