The New England Patriots are taking full advantage of Tom Brady’s recent in-court-trials. The Patriots doctor told the judge that Tom Brady “was able to play in last year’s AFC Championship, and there is no doubt in my mind that he could play in this year’s Super Bowl.”

Tom Brady is famous for his ability to step up and play when it matters most. However, new claims from a doctor who treated the Patriots quarterback show he may have played through a torn MCL. Dr. John Meara, who performed Brady’s surgery, says the quarterback played “twice” after a November 2015 injury to his knee. And he says Brady’s “boss” at the time, Patriots head trainer Fred Anderson, ordered rehabilitation that allowed Brady to play two weeks after his injury.

As if Tom Brady’s seven Super Bowl titles didn’t already make him superhuman. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback was said to have played in last year’s Super Bowl with a completely damaged medial collateral ligament. When ESPN’s Ian Rapoport broke the news of the horrific injury, it brought a lot of people’s attention to it.

Dr. David Chao, a sports medical expert who spent 17 years as the chief physician for the San Diego Chargers, was not only taken aback by the news, but he also believes it to be untrue.

Tom Brady has acknowledged that 90% of what he says is not always what he believes.


Tom-Brady-MCL-1-1024x752 On June 08, 2021, in Tampa, Florida, Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers rushes to the field during the Buccaneers Mini-Camp at AdventHealth Training Center. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images/Julio Aguilar)

Brady appeared on HBO’s The Shop last month, when he spoke with Maverick Carter, LeBron James’ business manager, Chelsea Handler, and Golden State Warriors player Draymond Green. If you’ve ever seen Brady in a news conference, you’ll notice that he speaks very little. He compliments everyone. Every opponent is a formidable opponent. He essentially admitted that he had been lying the whole time.

He said, “What I say and what I believe are two very different things.” “I’d say 90% of what I say isn’t necessarily what I’m thinking.”

Brady stated that he dislikes conflict. He stated he admires those who can stand up and express exactly what they’re thinking.

He added, “I really respect individuals who can do that and express what they believe because it invites a lot of other things into their lives.” “I also believe there is a part of me that dislikes confrontation. So, in the end, I simply try to play it as flat as possible.”

Tom Brady could not have played with a completely injured MCL, according to a former Chargers doctor.

Brady’s knee injury occurred during his last game with the New England Patriots, according to the Tampa Bay Times. The injury deteriorated as the season progressed. According to ESPN’s Ian Rapoport, Brady played the Super Bowl with his MCL completely torn. That can’t be right, Chao reasoned.

Chao told Sam Amico of Outkick, “In my experience as an NFL head team physician, there is no way anybody could play with a full (grade 3) MCL injury.” “I’m not implying that Brady didn’t have issues with his MCL. In fact, this is his third MCL procedure.”

Brady did have an MCL issue, according to Chao, but the fully torn portion doesn’t function.

 “I have no doubt his MCL was damaged and he required surgery,” he added, “but the layperson story of “totally torn” and “heroic” does not match the medical facts. “How could he go on a boat trip with just a knee sleeve and no metal support if his MCL was totally ripped and unstable?” Brady always wears an ACL brace on his left lead leg, which helps to stabilize the MCL. The soft neoprene sleeve he wore on his celebration boat excursions, on the other hand, does not offer stability. 

“On a boat, the inevitable rocking would put his lateral knee stability to the test. As he lateralled the Lombardi, Brady’s MCL would have been strained. His behavior contradicts the story of a “totally shredded” and unstable knee.

Brady should be able to play following his surgery in February.

Brady underwent knee surgery in late February. After the Buccaneers’ minicamp in June, he spoke about it.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Brady stated, “It was an injury I battled with actually since last, you know, April, May.” “I knew I’d have to do something towards the end of the year, and I’m glad I did it. It was definitely something that needed to be done, and the result was fantastic, so I’m really pleased. I think I’ll be able to accomplish certain things this year that I wasn’t able to do last year.”

Brady’s legacy, according to Chao, has already been established. Brady’s career doesn’t require any heroic embellishment, according to Chao, despite the quarterback never mentioning lying with a torn MCL.

He said, “Brady’s brilliance does not need embellishment with fake medical tales.”

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