An Easy Win-Win Solution Exists That Can Satisfy Both Aaron Rodgers and the Packers

The Green Bay Packers have yet to make the Super Bowl, but it doesn’t mean that their fans are giving up hope. One fan has proposed a unique way to reach their goal—and it involves Aaron Rodgers.

For Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, there is a way to win the Super Bowl. Even if the team is overwhelmed by the demands of the post-season and fails to partake in the playoffs, the quarterback can still win the Super Bowl. Of course, for Aaron Rodgers to win the Super Bowl, a few things need to happen first.

The Green Bay Packers are one of the most popular sports teams in the country, with a rabid fanbase that fills Lambeau Field no matter what the weather. As it stands, the Packers are the only NFL team without a stadium of its own. The team is hoping to convince a local business to build one in the near future, but the city has to approve the proposal, and Mayor Jim Schmitt has expressed reluctance to do so. Meanwhile, the Packers have hit a roadblock in their pursuit of stadium funding, since the city of Green Bay has no money to spare. So, how can both the team and the city reach a mutually agreeable agreement?

Aaron Rodgers is clearly out of sync with the Green Bay Packers. And right now, he probably has a lot of reasons to be angry. However, that doesn’t mean he should completely give up on the idea of playing for the Packers again. In fact, the star quarterback has a chance to emerge victorious without leaving Green Bay. At least, not yet.

Green Bay confrontation

. There’s a power struggle going on in Green Bay. And no one knows exactly when one side will bow to the will of the other. Instead of the 17th century. Involved in the Packers’ offseason for the second year in a row, Rodgers has decided to spend his time traveling. Not attending team events for the first time in his career has cast even more doubt on the reigning MVP’s chances of staying in Green Bay. After Julio Jones was traded to the Tennessee Titans, the idea that the team could lure Rodgers with a shiny new toy also disappeared. Although their star quarterback is still in demand, the Packers are determined not to sell the future Hall of Fame contender. So even though Rodgers seems like a real threat to stay on injured reserve this summer (and possibly longer), Green Bay won’t sell him. Given that Rodgers signed a four-year, $134 million contract in August 2018, it makes sense for general manager Brian Gutekunst to go after the team’s most important player. After all, the Packers control Rodgers rights through the 2023 season. While the immediate deal will please the disgruntled signal-caller, it will clearly hurt his current team. At the same time, Rodgers is leaving a franchise that represented the NFC in the Super Bowl for several games this year. It’s clear that there’s a lot at stake for both sides in this showdown.

There is a simple win-win solution that could satisfy Aaron Rodgers and the Packers

word-image-3666 word-image-3667 Green Bay Packers head coach Aaron Rodgers waves to the sideline during the game. | Dylan Buell/Getty Images Can the Packers and Rogers extend their relationship another year? This can be the best outcome for both parties. In fact, delaying the triple MVP swap until 2022 is a win-win scenario for everyone. So why is this happening? It’s going to cost a pretty penny if Rodgers is in jail. The Packers can fine him for missing minicamp and training camp. In addition, the team may seek to reclaim his $6.8 million contract bonus if he refuses to come forward. In terms of financial impact, it makes more sense for Rodgers to play this season. In the end, he would receive $22.35 million in cash. More importantly, the Packers have a team capable of being champions. Instead of taking the gamble and starting over at a new team, Rodgers would be better off trying one more time in Green Bay before taking his freedom. Considering how close they came to making an appearance in Super Bowl 55, the Packers clearly have the talent to compete for the title. Why not delay Rodgers’ return and see if the team can overcome its playoff failures? But whether that happens or not, Green Bay will have to deal with Rodgers next season. Of course, it will be hard to convince him to return for the 2021 season with the promise of a future trade. But if both sides take a step back and look at the big picture, they may realize that they will both benefit if they stay together for another season.

Which NFL teams might be interested in Rodgers in 2022?

. It is impossible to predict how the upcoming season will go. But based on the quarterback depth charts of the other 31 NFL teams, several franchises stand out as potential options for Rodgers in 2022. The Denver Broncos are considered one of the favorites to take on one of the NFL’s most recognizable stars. Finally, Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Lock could be leaving after this season. But putting Rodgers in the starting lineup immediately makes the Broncos a contender for the Super Bowl, given the rest of the team. If the Packers are limited to the AFC contenders, don’t get your hopes up for the Las Vegas Raiders either. John Gruden is under tremendous pressure to justify his $100 million contract. And unless Derek Carr makes a miraculous leap forward in his eighth year, it looks like the Raiders will have to buy a quarterback next season. Can you imagine Gruden’s excitement at the transition from Carr (or Marcus Mariota) to Rogers? Of course, the Packers probably won’t wait that long to trade him. But if they are smart, they will find a way to convince Rodgers to come back for another season. And after that, Jordan Love should be ready to go. All contract details are provided by Spotrac. COMPARED TO: After a reasonable buyout from Julio Jones, it’s time for Bill Belichick to make a long overdue investment.If Aaron Rodgers is traded to another team, the Green Bay Packers will have less than $15 million in salary cap space. At this point in time, that cap space must be used to acquire the best possible roster that can help the team win a Super Bowl. That roster would include Aaron Rodgers and his $20 million-plus salary. Despite his two Super Bowl wins, his salary cap hit in 2017 is $22.97 million. That’s not a lot of money for a player of his caliber. In fact, it’s nearly half of the entire Packers’ cap space.. Read more about aaron rodgers engaged and let us know what you think.

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