The 1996 NBA Draft class is the best in history, but Iverson’s photo was missed by the photographer.

The allen iverson draft class is a group of players that were drafted into the NBA in 1996. They are considered one of the best classes ever, but they missed out on the iconic photo because they were not selected.

Allen Iverson was the best player in the 1996 NBA Draft class, perhaps the best in NBA history. The Philadelphia 76ers chose the former Georgetown standout first overall, and he went on to have a Hall of Fame career.

While AI has nothing but admiration for other draft class members like Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash, he was left out of the famous picture that has served as a lasting memory for basketball fans throughout the years.

Allen Iverson elevated the 1996 NBA Draft class to new heights.

Allen Iverson thinks he was the best NBA draft selection of all time.

When it comes to the mix of depth and star power, Iverson told Shannon Sharpe back in August that no other class can compare to 1996. Along with Ray Allen, Kobe Bryant, and Steve Nash, Iverson is one of four Hall of Famers from that draft. Marcus Camby, Lorenzen Wright, Antoine Walker, Kerry Kittles, Peja Stojakovic, and Derek Fisher are among the prominent names in the group.

While AI, Kobe, Allen, and Nash are unquestionably standouts, other awards attest to the overall skill pool in the 1996 selection. One-third of first-round selections went on to become All-Stars, which is a remarkable number.

Following the draft, the class took a picture with everyone dressed in uniform. Because of the people in the photo and the brick wall background, it’s an iconic image. The obnoxious mugs play a part as well. However, the famous photograph is oddly devoid of its focal point.

Iverson has no idea how or why he was unable to participate in the shot.

Others in the 1996 class are well aware of Iverson’s absence from the photograph. The image is fantastic, according to Marbury, but it’s too apparent to point out that the No. 1 pick isn’t in it.

During an NBA TV retrospective, Marbury remarked, “Yo, this image looks nice, and it’s great, but there’s just something wrong with the picture.” “You’re gazing at it, trying to locate Waldo. Do you understand what I’m saying? When you look at it, you’re like, ‘Yo, where’s AI?’”

Nobody had The Answer to the query, pun intended. Jermaine O’Neal said that Iverson was planned to do something else, while Ray Allen just shrugged his shoulders. As it turns out, AI is just as naive as the rest of the draftees.

“I always wanted to clear it up,” Iverson started his own piece, before humorously adding, “I don’t know where it was; I don’t know how I missed it!”

AI, as a trailblazer, very definitely deserved to be included in such a storied history of the game. It’s simply a shame he couldn’t think of an explanation on the moment.

Is the NBA Draft class of 1996 the greatest of all time?

Philadelphia 76ers legend Allen Iverson poses underneath the basket in 1996

Philadelphia 76ers legend Allen Iverson poses underneath the basket in 1996 On the 3rd of July 1996, during a photoshoot for Reebok Sportswear at the Chelsea Piers basketball courts in Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States, Allen Iverson stares up through the net of the basketball hoop. | Getty Images/Al Bello/Allsport

Others may prefer the classes of 2003 and 1984, but it’s difficult to disagree with AI’s appraisal of his draft class.

LeBron James, the most notable prospect in decades at the time, was a member of the 2003 class. Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade were all chosen in the top five, with Darko Milicic, a legendary draft failure, being selected second overall.

The class of ’84 was deeper than the class of ’03, which was more top-heavy. The group includes Hall of Famers like Hakeem Olajuwon, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and John Stockton, as well as longstanding NBA veterans like Kevin Willis and Sam Perkins.

In any event, the class of ’96 boasts the greatest draft picture ever, even if the primary attraction is hilariously absent.

Basketball Reference provided the draft information.

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The when allen iverson retired is an article about the 1996 NBA Draft Class. It discusses how Allen Iverson feels that his class is the best ever but hilariously missed the iconic class photo.

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