All Mario Party Superstars Unlockables: Stickers, Soundtracks, & More

Mario Party is an iconic Nintendo series with its own niche of die-hard fans. Mario Party Superstars includes over 100 new levels, more boards, and a variety of modes to keep players engaged for hours on end.

Mario Party Superstars is a game for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U. It has stickers, soundtracks, and more.

Unlockables are what you spend your hard-earned (or stolen) money on in Mario Party Superstars, yet none of them effect gameplay. You won’t need to utilize cash to get your hands on any of the minigames or characters on the roster since they’re all accessible right away.

These unlockables, on the other hand, are purely recreational; they allow you to personalize your profile, interact with stickers, and, if desired, listen to a favorite minigame music. However, if you want every accomplishment and item in MPS’ game modes, you’ll have to put in some effort.

The Data House is one of the unlockables in Mario Party Superstars.


In Mario Party Superstars, the Data House is more than simply a place where you can keep track of your partying. It’s also where you’ll discover accomplishments and instructions on how to get more, as well as the huge Mario Party Superstars encyclopedia if you want to go through it. 

Superstars classifies accomplishments into various categories, which aren’t always as obvious as their titles suggest:

  • Coins and Stars: The total number of coins and stars you acquire.
  • Miscellaneous difficulties (star)
  • Chest: A collection of board-specific challenges and accomplishments linked to distinct locations.
  • Mt. Minigame: Mt. Minigame offers a variety of difficulties (of course)
  • Items and dice rolls are tied to the Dice Block.

New titles are sometimes awarded as a result of achievements, which you may use to personalise your Party Card.

The Encyclopedia’s functionality is relatively restricted. Each entry includes a short explanation of its topic, such as Luigi’s background in Mario Party or items to bear in mind for various boards or game modes, and you’ll have to buy pages from Toad’s store.

The phonograph will only play music that you’ve purchased from Toad when you’re at the music player screen. The music do not continue to play when you leave the Data House.

Toad’s Store is a store that sells toads.


In Mario Party Superstars, you’ll spend all of your coins in Toad’s Shop. Stickers, soundtracks, encyclopedia pages, and other items are available from the fungus entrepreneur, but stickers are the most useful. These are the only ways to interact with other players throughout a round unless you use a workaround for voice chat.

You may also use coins to purchase additional card designs, which you can then use to modify your Party Card in the Data House.



One set of unlockables may be found in the options menu: vintage music. After playing on a board for the first time, you’ll unlock the old version of the music, and you may choose whatever tune you wish to hear from the options menu.

That’s everything for Mario Party Superstars unlockables; for additional information, see our other Mario Party Superstars guides.

The “Mario Party Superstars Stickers” are stickers that can be unlocked in the game. They can be used to decorate your Mii character or even your Miiverse posts. The “Mario Party Superstars Soundtracks” is a collection of remixes of all the songs from the game. Lastly, the “Mario Party Superstar Character Cards” are cards with information about each Mario Party Superstar character. Reference: mario party superstars stickers.

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