All Kena Bridge of Spirits Spirit Mail Locations: How to Get The Last Stop

Kena Bridge of Spirits is a sports game with an emphasis on team spirit. Players can choose to be part of one of four teams, each with their own unique style and personality. The game has a variety of different modes, including the standard single player mode, as well as competitive multiplayer games where players compete against each other for victory.

The kena bridge of spirits release date is the latest game in the Kena Bridge of Spirits series. It is set to be released on October 20th, 2017.

Kena Bridge of Spirits Spirit Mail is the game’s most well-kept secret collectable kind. The sites for each are often in remote, off-the-beaten-path locales that require some effort to discover. Finding them all, however, contributes to the overall narrative of the game and earns you The Last Stop (silver) award. 

You’ll be on the lookout for gold, luminous bags that resemble medieval currency purses as you go through the game. In Kena Bridge of Spirits, there aren’t as many Spirit Mail spots as there are for Rot and Hats, but you’ll have to go off the main route to find them.

Return them to the village homes to learn more about the game’s secondary spirits, as well as Hats and other things that may be trapped behind corruption. 

Since Kena Bridge of Spirits was recently published, I still need to find a few of these collectibles, thus this post is still in process. I’ll keep adding to it as I discover more.

Remember to pause the game and select a particular place on the map to see how many you’ve discovered in each region. On the right side of the screen are the collectable tallies.

hamlet (3)


kena-bridge-spirits-spirit-mail-one-village-01f4e village-spirit-mail-one-location-map-60fde

The first Spirit Mail is discovered when the Hat Cart opens the Taro gate. Proceed to the rear of the third home on the right. Move the big barrel with the Rot, then hop on it and enter the home. Inside, this one is hovering on a desk.

Mountain Rusu (1)

rusu-mountain-spirit-mail-a99a0 rusu-mountain-spirit-mail-location-map-34c6e

Follow the crucial route over the rock pillars along the waterfall from the Mountain Ruins fast travel location. You’ll come to a huge cliff face and have the option of going left or right. Climb to the right, along the cliff’s edge, to locate the mail in a cave.

Forest of Forgotten Names (2)


forgotten-forest-spirit-mail-one-544da forgotten-forest-spirit-mail-one-location-map-c00fc

Finish the Water Shrine. Use the Forest Tear to remove the corruption in the rear left part of the ruins in front of you, with your back facing the shrine. Climb the ledge to the left of the warp stone using the stone block there.

Climb to the top and turn left. A fallen tree will serve as a link between two locations. A tether may be found to the left of the bridge. Use it, then turn right to find another tether point in mid-air. After using that one for another, turn left in mid-air. With the mailbag, you’ll crash into a stump.


forgotten-forest-spirit-mail-two-a904e forgotten-forest-spirit-mail-two-location-map-d6014

Stay left from the Forest entrance until you reach the lake. In front of you will be a massive stump. Pass the stump and continue down the route until three yellow lights and a big wheel appear on the right.

To begin climbing the God Tree, turn left and utilize the tether. Continue ascending until you come upon another tether. Drop to the branch underneath you and shoot the tether point on the other side. Climb around to the right and down to the collectable, which is hidden behind a stack of crates.

As previously said, this is a work-in-progress directory that will be updated with additional Spirit Mail locations in the near future, so check back often (or give this page a bookmark). In the meanwhile, check out our other Kena Bridge of Spirits guides for additional information! 

The kena: bridge of spirits xbox is a video game for the Xbox One. In order to get the last stop, you must complete all of the Spirit Mail locations.

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