As the NFL Playoffs kicked off this week, Adam Vinatieri, who has played the game since high school, announced his retirement from professional football. The 43 year old kicker who in his time has reached the Super Bowl four times (2002, 2003, 2007, and 2016) and has won four of them, brings his career to an end.

The Indianapolis Colts legend has accomplished so much in his 22-year career, since being drafted by the New England Patriots in 1996. He went to four Super Bowls, won four Super Bowl MVP awards, and he was named Super Bowl MVP in all four wins. His career stats are impressive, as he’s now tied for second all-time in Super Bowl wins with six. He’s now the second leading scorer in NFL history, behind Brett Favre. He spent over a decade in the NFL with the Patriots, Colts, and Denver Broncos, and he won a Super Bowl with each team.

It’s always hard to say goodbye to a player with so much history and so much to offer a game. For Adam Vinatieri, that story is the one that begins at a small town high school in New Hampshire, and ends in February of this year, when he hung up his cleats. He played in the NFL for nearly 18 years, all of which were with New England, and won championships with the Patriots in three Super Bowls.

When you think of influential players in the NFL, quarterbacks probably come to mind. However, a good kicker can make the difference in an evenly matched game and be an important part of a successful team. Look at Adam Vinatieri, for example. Vinatieri had a flawless career during his time on the field, but all good things come to an end. The kicker announced on Wednesday, May 26 that he was ending his career and riding off into the sunset with four Super Bowl titles and a $25 million fortune.

Adam Vinatieri finally announced his retirement from the NFL

Slip: Adam Vinatieri, the greatest point guard in NFL history, announced Wednesday on the Pat McAfee Show that he will retire after 24 seasons – SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) 26 May 2021 Although the professional sport is generally a youth sport, kickers can generally last a bit longer due to the nature of their position. Vinatieri certainly benefited from that, but in the end, time waits for no one. The veteran kicker was last on the field in 2019 when his season ended prematurely after knee surgery. Although the Colts replaced him and Vinatieri remained unemployed during the 2020 campaign, he didn’t technically end his career. On the 26th. But in May, everything changed for good. During an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show , Vinatieri made it official. After 24 seasons in the NFL, he’s finally tired. word-image-12261 word-image-12262Adam Vinatieri, who won four Super Bowls while playing for the New England Patriots, retired as one of the best placekickers in NFL history. At the same time, Vinatieri, who served as the Patriots’ team captain for 15 years, earned over $25 million in career earnings.. Read more about adam vinatieri age and let us know what you think.

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