76ers Reportedly Plan on Calling Ben Simmons’ Childish Bluff to Create a Nightmare Scenario for Both Sides

The Philadelphia 76ers are reportedly planning to call Ben Simmons’ bluff and force him to sign an extension with the team. If he does not, they will trade him for a package of assets that would be too tempting for any other team to pass up.

The 76ers traded the third pick in the 2016 NBA Draft to the Boston Celtics for a package that included the first overall pick, which they used on Ben Simmons. Read more in detail here: ben simmons shooting.

The Philadelphia 76ers have had a tumultuous offseason, and the man responsible is none other than Benjamin David Simmons.

Simmons went AWOL from the Sixers after a disgraceful performance against the Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference semifinal series last playoffs, and subsequently threatened to boycott training camp if he isn’t moved before then. The only issue? No club is willing to pay top money for the unhappy point guard, and Philly will not trade him for pennies on the dollar.

According to a recent story, the 76ers have chosen to call Simmons’ bluff and hope that he shows up to play at some point this season, which would only make things worse for all sides.

Ben Simmons is attempting to get revenge on the 76ers for his errors.

Ben Simmons might be back with the 76ers in 2021 after all.

Ben Simmons might be back with the 76ers in 2021 after all. The Philadelphia 76ers’ Ben Simmons reacts to a call against the Los Angeles Lakers | Getty Images/Mitchell Leff

Since selecting the LSU product No. 1 overall in 2016, the 76ers have been nothing but supportive of Ben Simmons. They were patient with him during his first season when he had a season-ending foot injury, and they didn’t hurry him back until he was 100 percent sure in his health.

Liam Simmons, Philadelphia’s franchise point guard, was permitted to employ his brother as his shooting coach. Even though Simmons’ shooting hasn’t improved much in the past four seasons, the club hasn’t pushed him to look for a new coach.

Even though Simmons was still the same player he was when he joined the NBA as a 20-year-old, the 76ers gave him a five-year, $177 million contract extension in 2019. What’s more, guess what? He’s the same player as before. In fact, he might be much more dangerous. And his fans have been there for him through it all.

This summer, though, things began to shift. Simmons shot an awful 34.2 percent from the free-throw line during the Sixers’ most recent playoff run, and he was probably the primary reason why they lost to the Hawks in a playoff series they should’ve won easily. Can anybody blame the supporters for being disappointed after such a performance?

According to Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Simmons couldn’t take any more of the haters, so he met with the 76ers in August and requested a trade. He also informed the club that he would not be attending training camp later this month.

The Sixers have been looking at trade possibilities throughout the summer, but they haven’t gotten nearly enough for Simmons in talks.

Ben Simmons’ bluff will be called by the 76ers.

The #Sixers are anticipating (Ben Simmons) to play, according to an NBA source (in 2020-21). It is expected that they will. It’s a little rough right now (but the team expects it to improve).’ The #76ers have no intention of making a trade that would put them behind in the rankings and prevent them from receiving credible bids. pic.twitter.com/QUMmzkKbKF

15 September 2021 — Tom Moore (@TomMoorePhilly)

The 76ers have yet to find a suitable trade partner for their $177 million point guard with less than two weeks before training camp begins. And, according to a recent study, they may have given up already.

The Sixers are likely to retain Simmons and hope he shows up before the season starts, according to Tom Moore of the Bucks County Courier Times, who tweeted on Wednesday. Moore further said that the 76ers “intend to penalize Simmons if he does not attend camp, preseason, and other events in 2021-22.”

For each day he skips training camp, the club may penalize him $308,000.

Daryl Morey isn’t a knucklehead. The Sixers’ president of basketball operations understands that his club, led by Joel Embiid, has a championship-caliber squad, and that moving Simmons for a poor package will only harm their title prospects. Both sides feel they have the upper hand in this scenario, which may spell disaster for the season’s start.

A terrible situation is forming.

Simmons’ relationship with the Sixers is already strained, but it will only worsen if the club refuses to sell him and calls his juvenile bluff.

Simmons does not want to return to Philadelphia for another game. The 76ers don’t want to trade Simmons now, when his worth is at its lowest, and they’re willing to punish him if he skips training camp. We’re about to enter a stalemate that doesn’t seem to have a happy ending for either side.

Either Simmons matures and accepts responsibility for his previous mistakes, or the Sixers tire of the controversy and trade him for the best offer available. At this moment, neither alternative seems feasible, therefore the issue will only worsen as the season progresses.

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The ben simmons espn is a recent article that reports the 76ers are planning on calling Ben Simmons’ bluff and forcing him to sign an extension.

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