Why is it that every year we have to hear about the Dallas Cowboys winning another Super Bowl? I mean the last time they won one was before even most of you were born, so why is it that every year we have to hear about another one? You know, I’m not going to sit here and complain about how the NFL has become a league dominated by one team, but I think it is fair to say that this year there were several teams that deserved more credit than the Cowboys.

It’s a Sunday morning, and you can’t sleep. You’re laying in bed, staring at the ceiling, when suddenly an idea pops up in your head. You would have loved to watch the Cowboys get crushed by the Seahawks, but you know a losing season is coming, so snap out of it! You realize the key to a more interesting storyline is to figure out what would have happened if the Patriots and Packers had been facing off in Super Bowl XLIX.

As the NFL season begins, the most anticipated game is that between the Cowboys and the Vikings, who are the two best teams in the league. The difference is, these two teams are both winless and only have a combined 1-5 record. How can one team be better than another? The answer is, it would have been interesting if the Vikings were winning, and the Cowboys were losing. As for the rest of the teams, the fewest wins means the fewest interesting storylines.

The HBO series Hard Knocks has just announced which team it will follow this season. It’s the Dallas Cowboys… again.

No offense to Team America, but they’ve been on the show three times, more than any other team in the NFL. Of course, the folks at HBO could have found other teams with more interesting storylines.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady of the Buccaneers holds up the Lombardi Trophy after LV’s victory over the Kansas City Chiefs | Photo Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Following the Super Bowl champions in their attempt to defend their title would have been interesting this year if it weren’t for Tom Brady.

It would be interesting to see how the 43-year-old prepares for the season and what his family life is like. While we think we know a lot about Brady, we rarely see what the life of a quarterback is really like.

And Rob Gronkowski? He was the only one who convinced the producers to film the Bucaniers,

He is known as a joker and a prankster and will likely bring a lot of humor to training camp. It’ll be great!

It would also be interesting to see how the rest of the Tampa Bay team reacts to this new success and how it affects their game.

2. New England Patriots

The main storyline this season is the quarterback duel between Cam Newton and rookie Mack Jones at the Patriots.

This should be Newton’s comeback season after a disappointing first year with the team. How will he react now that he has competition?

Will the former Panthers QB be hostile to the rookie or will he help him? The plot of this relationship alone could have made for a good TV drama.

Add in the fact that both quarterbacks come from rival SEC schools, and that’s the storyline for the season. Not to mention that the Patriots have not yet processed the loss of Brady and are in rebuilding mode.

3. Green Bay Packers

A 2021 waiver was an option for Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, but Friday’s deadline came and the NFL MVP got nothing, per @BillHuberSI. https://t.co/UYbGlFbg75.

– The Packers Wire (@ThePackersWire) July 3, 2021

Most NFL fans would love to see the Packers at Hard Knocks this season. First, there’s the drama between Aaron Rodgers and the organization.

It would be fascinating to see the Packers try to get him back in training camp.

It will be interesting to see if Rogers allows the cameras into his private life. We don’t think so, but who knows?

Another storyline could be the emergence of quarterback Jordan Love. He should be prepared to be the starter this year if Rodgers doesn’t return.

Some media outlets have reported that Love has had problems during the mini-camps. So it would be interesting to see how he develops as a player.

And if Love isn’t there, can veteran quarterback Blake Bortles be the starter?

The Packers also have some holes on defense.

You can never go wrong with the Cowboys. There’s always something going on with Jerry Jones and Team America. But it would be much more interesting to see other storylines in the NFL.

COMPARED TO: Bill Belichick quietly disrespected Rob Gronkowski during the Patriots’ final offseason workout.The Dallas Cowboys are, without any doubt, one of the greatest sports franchises of all time. It may be impossible to go back and change the results of the past, but I think this would have been a much more interesting story if the Cowboys had not won three Super Bowls.. Read more about hard knocks 2020 and let us know what you think.

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