11 Most Expensive Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Cards

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Wizards of the Coast, the company that is responsible for the popular card game, Dungeons and Dragons: The Forgotten Realms, recently announced a very special set of cards. These cards will be the most expensive and the most rare in any set of cards in the entire history of the game.

Natural, Magic: The Gathering game, based on the Dungeons & Dragons story, will feature many Commander cards. The expansionAdventures in the Forgotten Realms contains about 30 mission cards, compared to only about 20 cards in the previous standard game.

So don’t be surprised that most of the money in the Forgotten Realms set is invested in these legendary creatures. The EDH format affects prices in the -Magic- market like no other, so cards you wouldn’t expect in other competitive formats can take all the attention away from other, seemingly better cards.

Anyway, take a look at these 11 most expensive MtG cards in the Adventure in the Forgotten Realms set and form your own opinion about the current situation.

The prices indicated are those in force at the date of publication of this article: 07. July 2021.

Ellivik Tumblastrum

  • Fine art award: $13.89
  • Unlimited artistic price: $27.47

The adventure in dungeon mechanics is the best thing D&D and Magic players have ever experienced. This new feature clearly has an impact on the market, but that doesn’t mean the price of all dungeon cards will suddenly skyrocket.

With its sleek design, the new Ellivic aircraft is reminiscent of the Vivien from several previous kits. This makes it a candidate for special dungeon-based builds in Standard and Commander.

Will this translate into big sales? Probably not, as it is a highly specialized and untested product that will take time to catch on.

Mighty lackeys

  • Fine art award: $16.25
  • Showcase Award: $27.96

This Goblin is a different story, as it offers players a new way to put powerful dragons on the board without having to pay a lot of mana.

In Standard, Historical, Modern, and Commander formats, there are already some interesting combos that seem very easy to execute, making Minion of the Mighty a very attractive card.

Since it’s only a Rare and not a Mythic, the price probably won’t go up dramatically. It could be more than $20 each if the dragon suits actually work this time.

Tasha’s disgusting smile

  • Fine art award: $18.79
  • Arts Award Expansion: $39.00

This pseudo-mill card is popular in all competitive formats. It has a potentially very powerful effect that can crush an entire aggro deck in just a few turns.

The pre-order price started at $40 and was later adjusted to about $20 per card. This is a common practice, and once the new season starts, the price may drop back to the original price of $40.

He can then go slightly higher or lower in relative formats depending on his success. The median and most expected price for Tashi’s Disgusting Laugh is about $30.

Lolt, Queen of Spiders

  • Fine art award: $20.31
  • Unlimited artistic price: $32.54

The new Lolth planeswalker is a tricky option, because it costs quite a bit, five mana, and its ultimate ability is not very strong. Yes, you can activate them early by sacrificing creature tokens, but these decks generally don’t use cards that cost more than three or four mana.

This puts Lolth in a pretty tight position, where he can only be considered for Commander decks, but not in a Commander role. It has now been added to many general lists of chatterboxes and squirrels.

All of this makes Lolt a rather unpopular choice to invest in, despite the obligatory $20 price tag for a planeswalker.

Staraya Gryznia

  • Fine art award: $21.08
  • Unlimited artistic price: $33.74

Commander players alone drive this green dragon into expensive territory, as it has no support in any format other than EDH.

It’s a cool card that can provide a lot of Treasure tokens and is currently being recruited for Korvold, Fae-Cursed King lists, but players don’t consider it a Commander card, which can affect the price.

The current level of $20 is likely to be $15 or less in the coming months.

Wholesale florist

  • Fine art award: $21.54
  • Unlimited artistic price: $33.68

Mthic planeswalkers without ultimate ability may seem uninteresting, but the passive ability of this new Bahamut planeswalker is quite interesting.

You can cast it for turn four with mana boosts and add four more loyalty tokens in just two turns with Kasmina, Sage of Enigma. You can then make it a 7/7 indestructible creature on 5. It takes a lot of preparation, but it is possible.

Currently there is no clear indication of what games and formats they will want to play, other than Commander. Assuming it’s an interesting planeswalker that doesn’t affect the formats too much, its price should drop to around $10 each.


  • Fine art award: $21.77
  • Unlimited artistic price: $49.99

How many planeswalkers of 6mm or larger do you know that have a significant impact on all formats? Not so much.

Mordenkainen undoubtedly has a deep connection to D&D history, but as it stands he’s just too expensive and his skills don’t seem to be going anywhere.

This planeswalker isn’t even particularly popular in Commander, let alone other formats. All of this will undoubtedly result in a significant drop in price, so you can expect to lose 50~70% of the current value.

It could be a collector’s item, only for true D&D fans.

Druidic Space Circle

  • Fine art award: $21.99
  • Arts Award Expansion: $33.30

An elf that produces a lot of mana is a good deal, even if it costs three green mana, which is a bit expensive. That said, Circle of Dreams Druid is an excellent card that can be used in a variety of competitive formats.

Lathril, Blade of the Elves, the players of the command are picking it up like sweetcakes. It’s also a worthy addition to Eleven tribal decks in Modern, Standard, and History.

It’s similar to the Legacy Druid, which now costs $10 each, but isn’t legal in Standard, History, or even Pioneers, making room for the Circle of Dreams Druid. This means it can maintain its current price of $20.


  • Fine art award: $23.97
  • Arts Award Expansion: $35.47

Demilich is the most advanced card in the entire Forgotten Realms set. It will find its way into mono-blue and izzet decks in all competitive formats and have an impact on all formats.

His biggest advantage is that he doesn’t cost mana and he can return from the graveyard. It’s a big event, and everyone will want to play.

It’s being compared to the Arclight Phoenix, but the Demilich is just better than it can be in many ways and will likely go up in price in the coming months.


  • Fine art award: $25.13
  • Unlimited artistic price: $50.48

Tiamat has already been voted the best assignment card in the Forgotten Realms series, and rightfully so. He has a powerful skill that will make Dragon Tribe players very happy.

Tiamat prices have been on a roller coaster ride the last few weeks. It started at $20, went to $40 and went back to $25. It could go back to $40 in the week of release.

The great importance of Tiamat is that it also affects the prices of other dragon creatures in MtG. Consequently, there is a lot of room for price increases in the coming months.

Aimrit, Desert Fate

  • Fine art award: $29.13
  • Unlimited artistic price: $43.84

While Tiamat has a clear leadership role, Aimrit, also a powerful dragon, can play alongside him in a variety of formats.

The price of Iymrith is rising day by day, indicating a great interest from all corners of Magic :. Community Meeting .

This is justified, as Aimrite looks to be a future protagonist for many control games and other archetypes.

These are the most expensive cards in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. For more information Magic: ContentsThe Gathering , card lists and guides, go to ourMtG page here.

Published on 7 July 2021

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