The NBA Loses Anthony Mason

Anthony MasonAthletes cultivate such bigger than life personas, it’s always a blow when a sports hero passes away. When they die at an early age, such as younger than 50, it’s an exceptional shock. Just one month into 2015, print and online magazines were ablaze with sports articles breaking the news that basketball great Anthony Mason had suffered a heart attack. Though CBS Sports announced that he was in stable condition on Valentine’s Day, the former power forward for one of the country’s greatest basketball teams, the New York Knicks, was gone exactly two weeks later. Mason was only 48 years old. Read More

English Soccer

english soccerYou might think of it as English soccer, but you won’t find any books with “English Soccer” in the titles. If you want information on soccer in the UK, you’ll find it in “Football for Dummies, UK Edition.” As far as the game and the rules go, soccer is essentially played the same around the world, so for general tips “Soccer for Dummies” will give you the basic info, and you should be able to find it in most book or soccer stores. For the basic scoop on English soccer, there are various leagues, levels, conferences and cups to keep sports fans riveted throughout the year, according to Wikipedia. Read More

Ugly Team Uniforms

Ugly team uniformsIf clothes make the man, then uniforms make the team, regardless of what sport they’re playing. That’s why it’s amazing that so many teams across so many sports end up in unfortunate team uniforms, and that’s putting it mildly. While some uniforms are less than they could be, others are downright offensive. It’s true that sometimes the designers can only do their best when they’re handed odd colors to work with, but you’d think everyone involved in choosing colors and designing uniforms would remember the fans. They’re the ones who proudly sport basketball jerseys and football shirts of their favorite teams and are better advertisements for those teams than money can buy. Well, they would wear the jerseys, jackets and caps if they weren’t so unsightly. Read More

Basketball Mascots

Washington Wizards MascotIn basketball history, mascots haven’t been around as long as the teams themselves, but in recent years they’ve become almost as recognizable as the basketball players. The mascots sport their teams’ basketball uniforms and demonstrate their versions of basketball moves. Knowing how to play basketball isn’t really necessary, but knowing how to dunk is, according to an ad announcing an opening for the Washington Wizards mascot reposted on FriendlyBounce. “Extensive” gymnastics experience is valued over basketball skills, as is previous experience as a mascot, if you wanna make it as an NBA mascot. Read More

New York Yankees’ Logo

New York Yankee's logoSports teams logos are synonymous with the teams themselves, identifying them to fans the world over. In baseball, for example, the New York Yankees’ well-known interlocked “N” and “Y” immediately call to mind pictures of baseball, the roar of the fans over familiar stadium organ music and the smell of popcorn, peanuts, hotdogs and other ballpark treats. Even people who aren’t baseball fans can pick the Yankees’ logo out of a lineup. That could be because it’s one of the oldest, if not the oldest, logos still in use. According to Complex, the iconic logo was introduced in 1909 and is number one on their list of the 25 Best Athletic Logos of All Time. Read More

Television Sports

Television SportsWhat would a weekend afternoon be without television sports? It’s hard to imagine life before ESPN, sportnews, televised basketball tournaments, World Series Games and, the king of them all, the Superbowl. Yet, when television was brand-new, football, basketball, baseball and every other sport imaginable wasn’t readily available for viewing whenever a person had a yen to while away the time watching their favorite team — or any team — compete. Read More

The Dark Sides of Baseball

The Dark Sides of Baseball: Sports Book ReviewMost baseball fans have fantasized one time or another about what it would be like to be on the “inside.” More than a fly on the wall — an actual part of the team. Bill “Hondo” Hongach is one person who lived the dream from an early age. Starting out as a batboy for the Yankees, baseball was essentially part of Hondo’s life in some form from that point on. Hongach describes the memories and scenes from his life with crystal clarity, an accomplishment that will astonish readers from the start considering the first scene in the book describes Hondo being brutally beaten by Pete Rose’s second in command, a pounding that resulted in a four day coma for Hongach. Read More

Football Guide

Football guide to learning how to playWhether you’re a sports novice who would like to understand football better, or you’re a football fanatic who thinks he knows everything there is to know about the game, a football guide is a useful tool. The NFL football guide, arguably the top authoritative guide, outlines the fine points of the game, including number of players on a football team, size of the playing field and the length of the game and individual increments of play time. As with anything you want to study up on and master, a football guide will sharpen your knowledge and understanding of the game and increase your football expertise. Read More

No Surprise: Football is the “Real” Most Popular Sport in America

High school football playersIf you trust the well-worn axiom “as American as baseball and apple pie” to reveal what the most popular sport in the nation is, you won’t quite hit the mark. According to ESPN and a 2014 Harris Poll, pro football is the real most popular sport in America, and has been for 30 years running. While Harris went out and actually asked adults what sport they most enjoyed, the number of Internet sites that sell football shirts and other apparel and gear emblazoned with team logos would also be an accurate indication of football’s popularity. Though CSN Washington reveals that the NFL doesn’t release sales numbers, they do list the rankings of sports jersey sales, saying that Robert Griffin III’s number 10 Redskins jersey is the best seller of all-time. Read More

How to Tell A Broken Bone From a Sprain

cast on broken legIt doesn’t matter whether a kid is accident prone or not. The very essence of their energetic, active natures puts them at risk for accidents that will end in sprains, if you’re lucky, or broken bones, for the less fortunate. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center says that up to 25 percent of girls and 40 percent of boys will suffer from a broken thighbone during the course of their childhood. That’s just the number on thighbones — it doesn’t even address breaks of the tibia or fibula (lower leg bones), ankles, feet, arms, hands or ribs.

Whether an injury occurs while fooling around playing family sports or during the serious competition of a youth soccer game or other sporting activities for kids, it’s essential that you are able to tell the difference between a broken bone and a sprain. Both are painful and require medical attention, but a broken bone is obviously more serious and should be attended to by a doctor ASAP. Read More